Punta Gorda Speedway.

I have not been to Punta Gorda Speedway, in many years. In fact it was called something else back then. How is the track? Chairs or Coolers allowed? How is the food at the track? Do they sell beer? Can you cookout in the parking lot? Can you buy pit passes? If so is there a place to sit in the pits to watch the race? Races start at 6:30 is that time trails? Driving down from Plant City, any information would be great!!! Thanks.

Punta Gorda Speedway

Come on, I know I knew at this. But, I’m headed down in the afternoon. (Friday)

The track has a new owner and is in the best condition in a long time. No cooler allowed, you can bring a lawn chair and sit on the hill or sit in the bleachers. The food is very good and the concession is spotless, the prices have been lowed to make it affordable. The front gate prices are lowered also to $10.00 for adults. Yes you can enter the Pits for $30.00 if you would rather go to the pits. we usually try to start qualifying at 6:00 hope this helps and see ya sat.

thanks that helps…Ya the best!

PGS Sat nite was the best. The lines sucked, but what the hell. I will tell you that I will be back in a couple of weeks. I need to save up some gas money! Track ran race after race, NO waiting for the next race to come on the track. Love it!!!