For Rex Guy

Here it is…

Who is the guy on the right? Lake City Speedway?

On The Right Rusty Crews


Isent that what Fred calls him. Six mile creeks best. Pres. of the 18 wheeler club.
Don 62

:aetsch013:somebody should call the law, i know some of these guys are wanted by the FBI. Rex, it was nice meeting you sat night, and the new series is going to be great. Thanks for all the hard work the track owners did to get this put together. The racing was great, and the fans got a good show.

that guy on right is rusty crews

born and raised in six mile creek can drive any thing , and he will cover your back and won’t run not even if there are 2o of them good guy :huepfen024::huepfen024:


please put names with pics so ppl can put a name with a face… makes racing more fun when you know whos who. :wink: thanks

from left to right: John Sarppraicone, Butch Pierce, Rex Guy and Rusty Crews.


Thank you. I knew Rex and John … is the man in the blue shirt from New Smyrna?
he looks very familiar to me but never knew his name. whos the goofy guy behind John? hahaha now im gonna get banned for sure!
hope you had a fun weekend racing. we sure did. :wink:

Butch Pierce-FASCAR

Carol, it’s Chad’s dad.


kinda thought so… they sure breed some good looking men in that family. ! i may be half dead but my eyes arent. lol
Miss seeing chad…havent seen him in a couple years… miss seeing everyone from the other tracks. ;-(
how is dustin doing in school? hi to the family.
carol aka oz

Carol. We couldnt be prouder of him. Dustin is doing great. He made the deans list again. No not the same deans list I was on. He is holding up a 3.875 gpa. He is still doing his driving instructor gig at PBIR also on the weekends. He was with Dan Wheldon this past weekend and one of your favorite drivers three weekends ago. Helio. I was going to call you.

He also called me today and said he got us a sponsor for all six races of the Six Pack series. So will we see you there?