Auburndale Streetstock For sale 3,500 w/pic

Hi I have a camaro streetstock For sale As RaceReady New Body.This car have a sbc 350 engine n it have 373 ring gear racing seat belts racing tach water temp oil psi.Only thing this car needs to be on the track is put a new wheels and tires and a front window then go go go Racing This car im selling cheap Askin Price is $3500 cash car is in lake wales florida if you need more info on this car please write me on here thanks

can i get pics to please like under carriage and rearend, brakes, engine compartment thanks

is that the 44 car? auto or man trans? can you take some more pics. is it race ready??? like really race ready or does it need little things. what carb is on it?

Streetstock For Auburndale

This car has a 4412 carb on it its a stick shift only thing this car really needs is new wheels and tires and a front window put in it other then that just jump in and go racing waitting for the car come out of the paint shop in winter haven getting painted then ill send some more to u or post them on here

so is it the 44? let me know when u have pics…thanks


yes this is the # 44 car

Hey Jeff did you build that roof or did you buy it somewhere.

Camaro streetstock Raceready 3,500 cash no trades

Car is for sale still looks really good asking 3500 cash still just needs tires n wheels


here is another photo


hey brother that car look gd i want to drive it and somwone nd 2 buy it it a gd car i see jeff sat night im ride wit u to the track


great car just needs to sell its going to be racing sat at auburndale with a new driver in the car everything there and getting new wheels on the car still askin 3500 no lower


gd so wat the number going be

Streetstock #24

Car did very well everyone car run thursday with used tires on it hook up really good Askin 3500 still car number is going to be #24

Camaro Streetstock for sale

This car is still for sale Has to go soon taking up room…Raceready for 3,500 cash or rollor for 2,500

whats complete specs on motor?

Camaro Streetstock 4 sale

This car has a just a sbc 350 engine with a 450 lift cam with a 2101 intake on it This car is good For Streetstock class we time it on thursday in it was hitting like 15.7 15.6 this car has a nice looking paint job on it cost me 2500 just in paint please let me know thanks