Street Stock / Hobby Chassis For Sale

Car # 1 Mid 70’s Chevelle 9 in Ford w/ 6:20 gear and disc brakes. Has Dual Master Cylinder Set-up and HYD Clutch. This Chassis is nice comes with springs , shocks, set of 10" wheels, set of 8" wheels all 5X5.Weight Jacks in rear. Needs Engine,Transmission and Radiator and put sheetemtal on sides to be race ready.As it sets $1500

Car # 2 Mid 70’s Monte Carlo. Race ready except for Engine, Transmission, Seat Radiator and Guages. 10 bolt Chevy rear end. Steering Quickner. Has Weight Jacks on all 4 corners. Has body but could use some new sides. As its described $ 1000. Will say this car is tough.

Car # 3 76 Malibu. Never been raced. Has 4 point cage installed and bars thru the front. Body is original and gutted. Trunk has been partally cut out.
$ 400.00

Will sell all together for $2500 or trade for pure stock rollers.

Contact Derek Gray @ 863 595 5542

send pics plz

Car # 1 is the 17s Chad Scranton drove at NFS in 2008 and 2009.
Car # 2 is the 68 that was at East bay in 2010.

Pics can be found on both websites.


what is the link to website to see pics?

Car # 1 go to The car is on the front page. Yellow 17s

Car # 2 go to go to media open it then click on links. Then go to Mike Horne and find pictures from 2010.

Sorry i dont know how to post the links on here im not that computer smart.

is that 17s a showers car

Yes it is according to the people we got it from.

Car # 3 is sold. Will take $2000 for cars 1 & 2 together.

Now car #2 is off the market.
The only car left is the Car # 1. It is still in the shape listed above. It is the 2009 NFS Street Stock Championship Showers built car. $1500.