1970-1977 Monte Carlo wanted for NSS or OSW Strictly Stock

Looking for a race ready car or a roller.

I will pay a fair price without the bs.

I drove 300 miles today to look at a car whose owner was jacking me around. I did not buy it and he missed two hours of work…

Just offer a fair car at a fair price and be done with it.

Eddie Moran

sent you a p.m.

74 monty carlo

I have a 74 monty carlo street stock that i race at eastbay raceway
good fast car turn key with extra parts 3700.

What’s fair to ya, I got a couple NICE ones that are straight street cars

Sure, could you send specifics to me of the street cars.



these are the pics you wanted i took them while i was building the car & if its not what you are looking for thats ok cuz i will keep racing it.

I thought it was not for sale???

Everything is for sale…LOL

Gator, I’ll call Ray (tech) and ask him. Thanks…


it is and it is not on 1 hand i want to keep it and see what it will do but if somebody will pay me i will let it go i want 1500 firm and if nobody wants to buy it i will keep driving its nothing personal im just not desperate enough to let it go cheap

Good deal!!!

1970-77 Monte. That is what I am looking for.

It must not be chopped, cut, etc. Trying to meet the rules of NSS and OSW for strictly stock.



Honestly your lookin for a needle in hay stack,
them cars just aren’t around like they were. Ur
best bet would be to buy the 89 car cause
out runnin that car is gonna be hard.
Good luck!

your looking around 3500 for a car to stay with william he has done his research and know what he is doing plus he is one hell of a driver and a good driver makes all the differnce