Outlaw4/mod Mini Parts For Sale

2)2300 stock blocks w/cranks…$50 each
1)2300 boat motor block w/steel crank…crank turned ready to install…$100
1)215 Mustang trans…$75
1)10 lbs steel flywheel…$50
10-15 Dirt 8x22.5 & 8x23-13 RC1 tires…$10 each(50% or better thread)
1)brand new 8x23x13 RC4 tire(never put on car)…$75 on 13x8 wheel…$100
1)O-Port open chamber head,cut 180-200(to intake bolts) with ajd. lifter post,crower springs(600 lift),retainers,locksno cam-followers…$250–firm
1)Sweet racing rackused on Mustang…$100
2-3 differant EFI intake-carb adapters 1 1/2,2’’,both plastic,
1- 1 1/2 wood …$45 each
Couple EFI intakes ported-polished----------------$50 each
3)lite 2.5 (273 grams) wisco pistons .30 w/Manley 5.7 rods…$175
2-3 sets new RacerWalsh valve spring(stage2-3 springs)$40 set
Pile of timing covers(around crank),water pumps…
1)Esslinger water pump…$45
1)stock Pinto cross menber…$50
1)set Boyd roll tube front frame rails…$35
5-6 stock Pinto upper A-Frames…$10 each
2 sets stock Pinto lower A-Frames…$25 set
1)older Outlaw4/Mod mini Tube chassis w/Pinto cross menber.
Has racing rear 6"arch springs,front a-frames spindles-rotors,springs.
NO REAR(former Chad Rose 7jr)…Great starter car or w/stock k-frame
could run on pavement as mod mini…$250
LOTS AND LOTS of misc parts…

were u located im in tn my dads coming to his brothers this week interested in somes tires ur rack and couple other things thanks

do u have a number i can call u at

I’m in Tampa Fl right off I4 and Hwy 301

2)Mosier 8" Ford axles(need bearings)------$100 each
1)355 race ready 8" chunk-----------------$75
1)2300 stock bottom end(rod-main bearings 4 races on them)------$100
3) 5.7 crower 2300 sportsman rods(1 season old)----------$40 each
1)215 trans with trans mount broke off(replace tail housing and you’ll be good to go)----------------------------------------------------$45

can i get a pic of the older chassis

is trans a Manuel?

YES,215 2nd gear Mustang trans…

Will try my best to get a pic of older chassis on here tonight or tomarrow.

RC4 new tire ----------SOLD---------------
2)stock blocks w/cranks--------SOLD-----

call me about parts

hey this is tom, chris zimmermans dad. can u call me at 727-709-1732 because i want to get the boat motor and pinto sub frame from you but i need to see if you can bring it to eastbay april 30th. call me and let me know.

You bet I’ll bring them to you on 4/30, will mark them sold and bring to Eastbay with me.

thank you

thanks, ill see you then

pics of older chassis

chassis front.JPG

chassis inside.JPG

chassis leftfront.JPG

chassis leftrear.JPG

2.3 Ford D-Port closed head,ported-polished.
194 intake valves,159 exhaust.
Adj studs and posts.
Stage 3 valve springs,lite retainers.
$175 OBO

Will trade on Chevy parts…

Do you have any other 8" chunks?

No the only extra I have left is the 355.

dont forget parts

hey tom here. just reminding not to forget those parts this saturday.

Thanks Tom

Have not forgot.Will get with u somehow at track,we no longer are racing outlaw4’s.
The street stock we have is not ready but we will be there and have the parts for u…Thanks Tom…