99 Phantom LTO roller 300.00 cash

Please call me or text me

This is a 1999 Phantom Banshee Racing kart, It was my practice kart that I learned to race on, I have since bought a new chassis to race this season that is the reason for the sale. This kart with a good set of tires on it handles awesome and places very well with a great driver. I am only selling the chassis, not complete kart. It will include everything you see in the pic, but a engine and wheels, The body is in great shape, brakes and hubs are very good, the seat is a xl. I may be able to throw a set of wheels and tires in with the deal for the right price. It has been Inspected and WKA legal for the 2011 season, throw a engine and wheels on it and go racing. There is nothing wrong with it or bent/broken, like I stated I just have moved up into a brand new kart to race for 2011. I want 300.00 cash for it, I think thats a good deal, all you need is wheels and a engine and your racing, It would not take much, I do have alot of spare parts layin around depending on the class/engine you wanna run I can sell as well. The ONLY trades I would accept would be: Used or new Mycron/Digatron tach, NEW set of VEGA yellow tires on rims or maybee a fresh Box stock clone engine ready to race, other than that, 300.00 cash and its yours, It will come exactly like its seen in the pic, just minus a engine and wheels.

sold…one day