OK...weigh in on this....

Forget managment, forget personalities, forget officials!!!

What is YOUR favorite track in Florida?

Pick a asphalt and a dirt if it applies!

Choose by track charactaristics, raceability etc

No bashing just your favs :slight_smile:

Crash A Rama Series June 18

Orlando Speedworld!!!

Speedworld, by a mile.

Its a great size and shape, smooth and racey, and I love the Friday night schedule.

I wish they would use the bandolero track for something other than bandoleros, like motorcycles for example. The figure 8 track needs to be widened and USED.

Speedworld all the way.

agreed boneman. they need to run the legends down there every once in awhile. hahaha

I have a top 5

That i raced
2 Citrus
3 Punta gorda (long time ago)
4 Bronson
5 Ocala (asphalt)

That i saw a show
1 Citrus
2 East Bay
3 Bronson
4 Ocala (asphalt and dirt)
5 Auburndale

Saramana Speedbowl Asphalt closed in 1976 I think it was.
Some of my fondest memories of racing are there.

Eastbay Dirt

back in the day sunshine speedway
golden gate

[QUOTE=Rusty the 50/50 Guy;69233]Forget managment, forget personalities, forget officials!!!

What is YOUR favorite track in Florida?

Pick a asphalt and a dirt if it applies!

Choose by track charactaristics, raceability etc

No bashing just your favs :)[/QUOTE]

I was going to answer this but don’t know what criteria to use. What makes a racetrack if it isn’t management, personalities, and officials?
As a spectator watching racing, I like Eastbay on dirt with Ocala a close second, and Citrus on Asphalt. They provide the best racing, in my opinion.
As for a racing facility, NSS is a great facility and I also like OSW. But I haven’t seen great racing at either. On dirt, facility wise would be Ocala and then East Bay.

I really like New Smyrna and Orlando.

Orlando Speed World and East Bay. I don’t like tracks that I can’t see the comlete track. billy

Id say Orlando Speed World went there last friday and really like the track you get a great view of all the track from the stand and if you want you can turn around and watch the drag. Nss could be a great track just because people sponser the track dont mean they should get away with stuff techs check these cars out it would make for closer racing, its boring watch one or two car leave the whole in ever class no one want to watch that

  1. New Symrna
  2. Desoto
  3. Citrus
  4. Bronson
  5. Punta Gorda
  6. Auburndale

Going to Speedworld Friday night and from what everybody tells me that place is like a sheet of silk compared to the other tracks surface wise. All the tracks have their own special things but I would have to say New Symrna and Desoto are the best from a driving standpoint IMO.

Never raced a track I didn’t like,but most are gone now:(

This is GREAT!!! :slight_smile: Now keep in mind you are not looking at “a” show but overall track. Let’s say a dream team…if there is such a thing LOL… came in and ran the show.

Love the input!!!

My first love…

…was, like Bob, Saramana.

But I was just a little boy when they closed so I never got to race there. But watchin’ my Dad and all my other heroes (at the time) race there was what got me through that long week of school til Saturday night!

One of my favorite places to drive was, believe it or not, the old 1/4 mile inside the 5/8’s mile at Lakeland. Back before they built that boring ass 3/4 mile parking lot. Those were some fun times.

An can’t forget about Desoto (not super) Speedway back in the 80’s and early 90’s…we always had a blast there. Win or lose it was always a good time. DS used to be the crown jewel of race tracks in Florida. I don’t know what happened to her these last 20 years. See what happens when you blink?

Oh well.
Now we just race our wheelchairs around a fishtank at the old fogies home.

I always run a distant 4th.

strickly from track layout and ability to really race i like nss. i raced that track when it was first turned to asphalt in the 60’s and still love racing there. m.p.

Yeah Matt Saramana was what addicted me. Harold Hall took me and a bunch of neighborhood kids to Saramana in feb or march 1953. I was 9 years old and Emil Reutiman was my hero. All week long I played I was emil in the pastures and by ways Of Simmons av in Fruitville, looking firward to the next week when I’d gather some new fuel for play. Desoto was another good time. I have some fond memories of it too. I think I went there the first time in 1974 or 5. There Lucky Brown was the hero of the day. I new him from the old track too. Man its been a long time. I guess I’ll roll my wheel chair down for lunch here in the old folks home… Bob…

Golden Gate then Sarama.
The Gate was fun to drive and if you had any tallent you could get it done.
the best raceing i ever saw was in the mid 70s. Alburndale speedway super 6 feature .They had 24 cars every week and ran side by side most of the 25laps. They were the stars for me. Have run all of them and the most fun was eastbay. I didnt like it but it was a hoot.(recked in every dirt race i drove)


The Gate was good but I wasn’t able to go there enough to have the memories I had at the other tracks. To me making the memories is more important than who’s legal and who ain’t and who won and who lost. If I had fun at a race track that ,made memories. Win lose or crash, it was all fun. Well one reason for that wa when I wrecked I’d go see Brown at the junk yard and ask him real nice with my puppy dog eyes and he’d give me what I needed. I just had to put in a few hours taking parts off wrecks for him. Man those were the days. What was the mame of that track at the fairgrounds in Tampa where they made a flat track in a cow pastgure I think. I am thinking that was the first place I saw Gordon Soley in person. I saw him on TV at the wrestleing matches. Trusty Rusty You sure know how to spark a fellows memory. Bob…


back when i was a kid the florida state fair grounds(dirt). and now vsp or ocala