Nova street stock

Raceready, 373 rear end, 1.68 tranny, motor is .30 flat top, world product heads, eagle crank and rods. Landrum springs in the rear, Bilstein stock mounted shocks in the front. I have spare axles with big studs, a frames, shocks, anything I have for this car goes. $3500

send pics to

$1500 roller or buy raceready with spare car roller for $3800

is this that car u lead with at ocala???

Yes sir…

can you email me pics

this car is a really fast
for pics


Also have spare valve covers, two spare water pumps, pulleys, racing oil pan, 350 block, turbo 350 tranny, 4 or 5 spare rims and tires power steering pump.Both cars and all parts for $3500 or just car for $3000.

$3000 for raceready car, spare car and everything i have.

Still for Sale?

Sorry man sold