Dale Jr.

He had a really good finish today, and he was interviewed afterward. He hasn’t done enough lately to be interviewed after a race very often, but when he was in the past I thought I noticed something, but wasn’t sure. Today I when I saw him interviewed I noticed the same thing. He seems to be out of breath. Has anyone else noticed that?

JR enjoys the social and night life. It takes it’s toll.

You hit the nail on the head Benny. Was nice seeing him and Kyle shaking hands and smiling at each other after the race. Shows they’re both growing up.

funny how jr moved kyle over

but would not move happy harvick over been me harvick would not have been happy

[QUOTE=ronabneysr;69641]but would not move happy harvick over been me harvick would not have been happy[/QUOTE]And been lots of others Jr wouldnt of been as happy as he was either, obviously wasn’t nearly as good as Harvick.
Gordon, Johnson or Stewart would of put the bumper to Earnhardt.

earnhardt got back up to the corner of harvick

after thinking about it for a while i guess it showed jr was more of a man by not turning him 30 other drivers would have and back in my days if i got a foot under you i was staying there

Ron, history is made, we agree about something!!! I dont like the “Move him over” type of racing unless obviously car 2 is much better than car #1. My respect level for Kyle, Harvick and Earnhardt increased a LOT. They all three drove each other clean, the all had the opportunity to take out either of the other two…but they didnt. And know what, this time I think they finished where they should of. I expected Harvick to wreck Busch AND Earnhardt, and Earnhardt to wreck Busch AND Harvick. They all diserve a lot of respect. Wife and I saw Earnhardt, (Whom i still say is way overated) and Edwards put on a show the entire race. Johnson was on another planet but Edwards and Earnhardt were nose to tail the entire race and never touched each other, unbelievable. Its why I for one enjoy NASCAR. Always a good field and damn, that recliner is comfortable!!!