Bobby Deil were are you when we need ya.

[SIZE=“6”]Where are all of the trucks? I’m going to put Bobby Deil back in charge of all Desoto’s trucks again.What would we do then, Is this a good idea. I would love to see his Magic.Thanks again John.[/SIZE]

I will bite on this one LOL

One thing for sure is…Bobby is PASSIONATE about his racing!!! Love him or hate him you can not take that away from him.

John, you have a GREAT track and a lot of experince…the combo while it may sound difficult could be a winning combo!

Good luck! I think it would be very good to see the different personalities working togather! It would for sure show a whole new side of Florida racing.

Ditto!!! GO John and Johnny!!!

John I tried to help you last year with the truck and got you 12 and up to 18 every race but you decided you did not want my help any more on the matter. I ask a couple of you track owners if you would run a truck series this year and you both said you were going run it by your selfs and you could get the trucks to the tracks. If you need help and looking to have trucks come to the track you have my number.

Gary Laplant