Talked to Jack tonight...

Jack called a little while ago and sounded like a new man. He has slept very well and even was able to do some reading. His white cell count is still low and they are taking more blood later tonight. He said he felt alot better. PRAYERS!!! keep em coming!!! they work. I will keep you informed. I told him about your posts and calls and he said that made him feel really good.

Gotta be that great hospital food!!!

Get back Jack!!


actually Dave…we talked about the food and Jack said that to his surprise the food is pretty good. He is still quite ill but at least they got that fever down and he is getting rest. so keep the prayers going. he still has cancer and until thats in remission, Jack will be needing us…and especially God. i wont be able to respond today as i am going in for eye surgery in a couple hours and wont be able to open my eyes until tomorrow afternoon. nothing serious but uncomfortable and very inconvenient. hope its worth it…lol
carol aka OZ


just talked to the PONYTAILESS wonder. (said in love)! Jack had a tough night sleeping but got some good news and some not so good. his white cell # is up from .5 to 2.5 (was 8 yesterday… so thats a little good. however his red cell count is down and if they cant get it up he will have to have a transfusion.
he explained something else too and i dont remember what it was because my phone rang and i lost my train of thought… but it means that alot of the cancer cells are dying!!!
so thats it for now. he is going to try and get some sleep now and i need to get ready. You all have a great day and be happy… everyday is a gift.
Love to you all…
carol aka oz
RICK ANGES!!! tried to call you but the # isnt good. email me with the right one. Thanks.

Carol I hope thius catches you before you go but please know that you are also in my prayers. I prayed for guidance of the doctors hands. God Bless.
I love you girl Bob…

“Ponytailess?” Damn, it sounds like he is starting to take this whole thing seriously!

Glad to hear some positive news. I know it will be a long road back, so I am encouraged.

thank you bob

you are so sweet. i love you too. if i come out looking like kenny rogers im gonna be up on manslaughter charges for slaughtering a man! im scared silly but ready to go.
Boney… Jack has been very serious all along. he has been in excruciating pain and all kinds of cancer therapy. if i remember correctly he gave the hair to the Locks of Love…He is one of the bravest men i know and i am so proud of him. he never complains and he never gives up.
when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I applaud BJ, Jim Higginbotham, Susan, Randy Fox, Mike and angie peters, nancy rowe and all of our racing family members who have battled this horrid disease. you are all so amazing.
you make it hard for me to be a sissy. Love you all so much. over and out for a couple days… enjoy the quiet!
carol aka oz

Carol, not sure what kind of eye surgery you are having but hope it all turns out. I had both of my eyes worked on - cataracts. The first one was painless but the second one I could actually see them pull out the cataract which was really scary. But I hope your’s goes well. Had to wear a patch for a day but the only bad thing after that was the brightness that bothered me for awhile. Had to wear sunglasses at the track because the lights were too bright.

And Jack is a strong person and I know he will do his best to beat this thing. He is a fighter and fighters do whatever they have to to win. My prayers are with him and his family and you too Carol. Hope your surgery goes well.