Get your DVR ready. It's NASCAR Saturday Night LIVE at RICHMOND!!!!

[SIZE=“3”][B]Next is RICHMOND. The 3/4 mile Short Track of the NASCAR’s series. Can Kyle Busch do the repeat? It all starts with the Denny Hamelin’s Late Model Charity race at Richmond. You can set your DVR or catch it live. Starts TONIGHT at 8:00 on SPEED (check your listing). The BIG boys will be taken on the Locals for the bragging rights.

Here’s the rest of this week ends schedule:

Practice - 9 a.m. ET Friday (TV 10:30)
Qualifying - 4 p.m. ET Friday
Race - 7:30 p.m. ET Friday (SPEED)

Sprint Cup
Practice - Noon ET Friday
Practice - 2:30 p.m. ET Friday
Qualifying - 5:30 p.m. ET Friday
Race - 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday (on FOX)
Check your local listings!!!

LAWN BOY (or Honey Doooo’s) 500

Remember to support your local Short Tracks. They are where the NASCAR Stars come from. So set your DVRs and go out and see the FUTURE Star’s of NASCAR. This weekend offers from Supers, OWM, Sportsman, Pro Trucks, Legends, etc… It’s all live every Saturday Night. Support your Local Tracks. Go hungry the claries will be burned off jumping up and down, and climbing the Grand Stands. If your on a diet drink BUD LIGHT. Be careful driving home.
Go NASCAR AMERICA number one SPORT!!![/B][/SIZE]

Who Cares!!!

You should.

Please if you don’t care about NASCAR or Late Model racing (tonight NASCARs K&N Series) at least go out and hit one of your local Short Tracks. Who knows you my see the FUTURE NASCAR Driver. If they (the tracks) don’t make it the blood line will stop. And that will kill the Number one Sport in America (to some). Be sure and go hungry and ready to support the tracks food and liquid refreshment bar. We need you!!!

I do!! Beats watching 2 Pro-Trucks!!

You know what I like about this race is that the drivers talk about there crew and not there self. They give credit were credit is do, alot beter than some of these nascar cry babys.

That’s exactly where I will be this weekend. AT A LOCAL SHORT TRACK!!!

What a race.

[SIZE=“4”]If you got cable you may of caught the Drive for Diversity Series on BET. They work with young Drivers to find THE BEST to send to NASCAR. Max Siegel is the man that runs it. And WOW!!! The taped NASCAR K&N Late Model Race at Greenville Pickens was on earlier before the live K&N Race and Denny Hamlin’s Charity Race at Richmond. It is a super tuff short track. It was won by I believe Micheal Grenshaw. What a race that was. The next show was from Richmond. It was a live K&N Race WOW!!! The boy that won was I believe Stephen Wallace. He was AWSOME!!! He was one of the Max Siegel’s program Drivers. Those young Drivers are something else. Just as the main Event started I had to head to nappies house (dew to the rain delay) so I missed most of the Charity Event (but I have it on my DVR). But, what a place to show case Short Track talent. 55 were invited, 46 showed up, but they only started 36 Late Models. It just shows how much we need the Short Tracks to develop the FUTURE of NASCAR. The K&N Races are HOT!!! THANKS for your support in the local proving ground for NASCAR. Get ready and be sure to fuel up the old Lawn Boy, but before you leave set the DVR. RICHMOND races will be AWSOME!!!
Who are your picks.
Aric dew in the Nation Wide. And I going with JR!!! For the SPRINT CUP!!!


There are hundreds of thousands of people who spend a small fortune attending NASCAR races… and for people like Bobby it is alot of fun. Why do others always have to take the wind out of his sails. The guy always shows a positive side of the sport we are supposed to love. And yet some of you do nothing but bitch and complain. Go play bocce ball! Bobby… dont ever stop being excited… someone has to be. Someone has to shine a light on this dismal board…


Some are just jealous.

[SIZE=“5”]Some are just jealous. They either didn’t make it or they didn’t get the chance. How anyone can say that its boring just aren’t watching. Or they would bitch about someone giving them used $100.00 bills. I’m not one that listens to negitivity. GO NASCAR GOooo…:sprachlos020: [/SIZE]


Darrell Wallace won. local driver Mike Cherry 7th last night. Which track are u going to?

It’s still tuff.

[SIZE=“3”]It’s still tuff to go to the tracks. I am trying to get on with life. It’s getting better ,but… Anyway thanks for the up grade. Darrell Wallace is on his way to a heck of a future. Michael did GREAT as well. How about Aric in the Nation Wide (he was my student Asst. at Hillsborough SHS for three year). He is a GREAT guy and was on a roll last night. Denny sure is going to be tough but my money still on JR. Have fun at the races tonight. Which track are you going to? Be sure and set your DVR for America’s NUMBER 1 SPORT!!! NASCAR!!![/SIZE]

East Bay ,Desoto last week, Citrus week before.

Keep up the FAITH. Short Tracks are where they come from (mostly)!

[SIZE=“5”]Keep up the blood line. There is some of the GREATEST Drivers from are State. Thanks for keep the proving grounds open. See the NASCAR STARS of the FUTURE at a Track near you!!![/SIZE]

Thats funny, one thing I DONT like about some of the NASCAR drivers is how they ALLWAYS, EVERY TIME in the winners circle is how they ALWAYS EVERY TIME SAY, “I just want to thank the boys back at the shop, they all worked their butts off all week, without them I couldnt do it” Just dont know how you can say they take all the credit themselves instead of their crews.

Which ones.

I trying to remember which ones. You are right thow. Some are about themselves. Just guess I getting old. Hummmm…