Citrus County 5/14/11

i would take this time to thank my friends and the racing community for being so concerned about my wife and her friends condition from the incident in the pits last night. My wife is doing great, sore, but shes one tuff cookie. Her friend was transported to the local hospital and released at 5am this morning all x-rays were positive, thank god. To the figure eight driver who lost the tire and wheel assembly thanks for your concern also. It was just a freak accident. No fault of anyones what so ever. And to the Citrus county EMT lady, (not sure of your name) thank you for what you did to stabilize the situation and the entire staff for your concern. i know when i race at your track im in great hands no matter what. thanks for all that you do.
t. carreno

Wow, sounds like a close call. Did something fly off a car and hit people in the pits?

A tire came off a figure 8 car and went over the wall, which really needs to have a fence up…

The Two

ladies were in the pits about 100 yards from turn 2 wall. They were walking along side there trailor when the tire with the hub and brake assembly hit them both from behind. It truly was a freak accident. Thank god they were ok in the end.