Heard it on Dirt World

Heard it on Dirt World last night…and loved it!

Bubba is making me a fan. He got on that show and rattled off a list, a long and comprehensive list of things he is doing to improve his track. When is the last time you heard a track owner go on like that? Yes, I understand that he has the bucks to do it, and that many other owners are small business people who don’t have the backing. Regardless, I loved hearing the ambition in his plans and the zeal to pull Florida short tracking into the world of modern entertainment.

I also enjoyed hearing Jack Smith on FFS radio. I’m glad he is well enough to call in, and I can still hear the spark in his voice, even after dreadful years of fighting cancer. Its cool that he has put the past conflicts behind. Don’t get me started on matters of faith, (I’ll go on for a while) but I am sure we can all agree that it is cool to forgive and forget.

Welcome back to the air Joe and Billy! Good job y’all.

Listened to most (but not all) of the show myself. Bubba is also making a fan out of me. He has big plans, is already putting them into motion, and I think he’ll do whatever it takes to make a serious go at things, although I wish he wouldn’t have made the call to switch to Saturdays. The success I believe he will have there, is at the expense of other tracks that have worked very hard over the years to establish a very good program of their own on Saturdays… mainly East Bay and Volusia. This will threaten their programs in a BIG way. Once again, no real options on Fridays, and 3 options on Saturdays.

I think it’s a great call to add the USAC Midgets to the USAC Sprint show (along with the UMP Mods) during Speedweeks, as a lot of the USAC guys run both classes. Should bring a real good field of cars and top-notch racers. And, if the timing is just right, might even see a handfull of Nascar guys there (not my cup of tea, but it WOULD pull in some of the more casual race fans). Never mentioned the DIRT Big-Blocks, that I think would go over big in Ocala, but I believe he already pissed in the Wheaties of the DIRT head office, and would not get the driver support he would need to make a go of an independant show.

Addressing the track conditions right off the bat was a good call also. many promoters would have swept the problem under the rug and acted like it was a one-time thing, and for fans not to be so picky. It WAS bad… he KNEW it, wasn’t happy about it, and vows to change that. I actually believe it, even as skeptical as I can be sometimes…!

Good to hear Jack on there, and Joe did his usual outstanding job. I had never heard Billy on-air, but thought he did an excellent job also. He is very knowledgeable, and it came out for the whole 2 hours.

Well worth listening to (although I never did get my “text alert” to remind me the show was starting… a cool service I had never seen before).

One thing I don’t understand… why wasn’t that show promoted on Karnac? Although it was produced by a rival web-site, the show still featured the Kingpin of Karnac (Jack Smith), and no matter who did the show, Karnac fans should have known about it, and be able to hear him talk about his past, present and future. It was great to hear him sounding like he’s doing pretty well… Best of Luck to ya brother…!

A motivated promoter is a good thing. I hope it lasts and spreads.