Desoto Pro Trucks and Sportsman This weekend

I would like to invite all Pro Trucks this weekend to Desoto if you have Goodyear tires run them $40.00 tire stamp per truck.Lets see ya run a real two lane track ,21 trucks last week on the ground hope to see you guys Saturday.

Sportsman Same time this week run your Goodyears here only $40.00 per car tire stamp the only track thats lets them run Goodyear tires at, allways helping the racers.

Call for more information
941-748-3171. See ya at the races John.

40 per tire or per car? Called phone before we got to track was told per car, once there was told per tire we packed up and left without racing, this was about 5 years ago with Fast Truck Series.

:aetsch013:This ain’t fast truck. $40.00 per truck. that’s $10 per tire. Hope to see you sat.