Auburndale 5/21/11

When racing for the FUPS last night at Auburndale, one of the flagmen at the pit entrance/exit was either new or just simply did not understand that you cannot wave a car into the field under a green flag.
The first incident was when the flagman waved Wayne Anderson back onto the track under a caution with the cars coming right past the pit entry/exit, Wayne’s nose rubbed the side of Steve Dorer’s car, no real damage just some paint rearrangement, but totally uncalled for.
The second incident was at about the halfway point, Anthony Sergi was waiting to come back onto the track, the race was under a green flag, the flagman waved Anthony back onto the field right in front of Tim Russell, Anthony Campi and Steve Dorer. Tim’s car has heavy right side damage, Anthony Campi has major front end damage and Anthony Sergi has major rear clip damage, Steve Dorer had what looked like body damage but was still able to race. Tim tried to swerve to Avoid Sergi but was unable. The flagman did not have an answer as to what he did or better yet WHY? 3 cars destroyed and a couple of more damaged for the track “official” having his head in his pocket. After the accident, the flagman was no where to be found, Donnie took over for the flagman and Rex was no where to be found, In my opinion, Rex should have at least come to the teams that were put out of the race by one of his employees. Because of this flagman’s actions Auburndale is very lucky that no one was seriously hurt or killed, another 5 feet and the lead cars would have been into Sergi’s seat and window.
What I find curious is that during practice on Friday night and qualifying last night, they had all of the cars going out at the end of turn 4, but during the race they and sending them out on the backstretch going into turn 3? I can see this changing in the near future.
I am happy that Tim Russell, Anthony Campi and Anthony Sergi walked away from the accident, I am displeased that the cars are tore up and I am totally dissatisfied with the operations at Auburndale last night.
Last night was surely a demerit for Auburndale, we come out to race, not to tear our cars up because of “officials” that just plain and simply have no clue or don’t care!

:Signed: Shawn from Tim Russell’s Team.

That flagman needs a new job discription: Mens room attendent.
Or as Trump would say “you’re fired”…JMHO

Auburndale like OSW has a poor pit enter exit design.

mens room attendant is too skilled a position, he would probably cause a wreck at the urinal troff!
Auburndale is a bad design, but in my opinion, with a skilled flagman and during racing conditions, the pit opening in the backwall should be used for exits only and under a caution, I dont know what the heck was going on last night?
All I do know is that there are a bunch of pissed off people.

since it was a paid track employee at fault ,REX should be responsible for the cost of repairs to all cars damaged due to the stupidity of his employee . was this dumbass wearing a radio ? who was the idiot in charge that decided to use the backstretch entry instead of turn four ? cut some checks REX . man up .

to be 100% honest, I was right over the flagman in the stand, I do not recall him wearing a radio< when he waved Sergi on, he was looking at the safety crew behind him, not at the cars coming right at him that were hard into the throttle?
I agree break out the check book, it is only right.

Might be a great idea also to throw out the results as far as points go and reschedual another race since the outcome was determined by the tracks actions or inactions .

I agree, but after last nights events, hold a rescheduled race at a different track. I am sure that John at Desoto or New Smyrna would love to have us at their track and would be happy to host the points race.

Did Sergi have a spotter?

yes, they were telling Sergi to stop, but it was just too late, if he did stop Sergi would have been hit worse.

Auburndale doesn’t have a poor enter and exit design! It’s the fact that some DUMBA$$ let the drivers use the exit FROM the track as the way to get BACK on the track.:mad::mad::mad:

it is a poor design bc if your parked on the back side you cant get over to the turn 4 entrance bc of the pit design. its a poor pit design and entry exit design.

thats a fact!!! should have been no reason for them to even try to re-enter there!! everyone knows that, and the offical…well with a mistake like that, he needs to go somwhere else, you can’t have those kind of mistakes!

The buck stops with Rex. He hired the employee and he is ultimately responsible for his actions at the track. A release signed by the driver does not release the track owner from any and all liability. All drivers involved in that incident should expect a check from Rex. That act of waiving that young driver out on to the tract was pure negligence on the part of the track. Fortunately nobody was hurt. On to another topic…lets talk about favoritism at the track???

Where are the results? Nothing on the Auburndale site or here.

Most time Carol doesn’t get them up till Monday.:slight_smile:

I can remember a number of times that my brother David didn’t get to finish a race on the track. Because of a flat tire that was fixed with half the race to go or so. Just because there wasn’t a yellow between then and the end of a race so he could be let back out. That WAS the rule and that’s what should have happened last night!

turn 4

there is room in 4 for driver to ease up to see traffic. it is up to driver to find opening to blend into. i look at traffic before i blend on interstate. not fault of rex.

I call bullshit on Dave41…sorry Dave…Anthony would have never pulled out into that situation if he saw the leaders coming…Look at the cars!!! Thats bullshit!

it not rex’s fault a dumbass official waved him into traffic