OK, I will do it!!!!!!!

Someone needs to break the ice on this subject! I am out here in Louisiana, and I am gonna get in trouble for doing this! This I am sure of!!!

We have one of our own that is in need!!! While I am sure that there are more of us that have problems also, they are not unnoticed! I have heard from several sources that Jack Smith is in need of one of those “Power Chairs”. As most of you know Jack is battling cancer and is fighting hard…his mobility is limited at this point and we HOPE that he can get past this and get around like he used to! What do we need to do to get this problem taken care of???

Like Jack or not…he has given us both a burden and a blessing with the site that can be aggrevating at least and informative at best! He has given to racing…now it would be nice to return the favor! I know there was a very nice benefit before, but keep in mind this type of illness is usually as catastrophic on your bank account as it is on your body.

Does anyone have one of these chairs??? What does it cost to buy one?? Maybe when Jack gets back up and on his feet it can be re-gifted to one of our other racing family members that may need it!

Carol Wicks are you up for taking cash donations??? Let’s get this dilema figured out!

Jack has NO idea that I even know about most of this…I fully expect him to be ticked off at me! That is OK he can ride this scooter up and kick my butt, it is all good!!!

Thanks in advance! Get Feeling better Jack!!!

Thanks for letting us know Rusty I will do some looking into the chairs and let you know what I find out.

Though I Dont Have A Chair Or Cash To Donate I Must Say Thats A Very Good Gesture For Ur Friend God Bless U

OMG Rusty.

no wonder i love you so much. you are horrid. just like me. roflllllll whatever it takes to help Jack get around, im in… his house is all on one floor so the chair will be pretty easy to maneuver. as long as it isnt a big wheel chair… the hall is kinda narrow…need one of those little scooter things that turn easy etc. i need help with this because i just dont feel great. i will make some calls for prices. also look in the paper as alot of people sell them cheap when they cant use them anymore.
I dont care if jack gets mad. hahaha hes been mad at me before but in the end he is so greatful and it all makes his life tolerable. the past fund raisers helped Jack alot but his bills and care are in the millions. all we can do is try to help keep him comfortable.
you are right. Jack has done more to promote short track racing than anyone and tho there have been some tough times, he was relentless in his attempt to help!
thank you Rusty… oh and one more thing… no you know what… or there will be an a$$ kickin contest goin on and its your a$$!!! roflllllllllll
carol aka oz


cash, checks, whatever… as long as we get the chair. You can send them to me as usual at:
Carol Wicks
732 Haleybury Street
Port Charlotte, Fl. 33948

Call me any time from 7 A.M. til 9 P.M. if you have any questions.

Please send checks tho in Jacks name (JACK SMITH) and i will set up an account. that way money doesnt get lost and there wont be any problems… Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! you people are amazing when one of our racing family need help.

By the way… NO ONE knew that I was doing this and it was not in conjunction with any other thing! Carol had no idea that she was gonna be put in the middle :slight_smile: HA HA Carol you old Cougar LOL

Look, we have a freind…he needs our help more than most at this point and would never ask for it!

If you want to look at it from a buisness point…racetracks…just think how much advertisment you would get if Jack showed up with “ABC Speedway” on a scooter chair! I know there are ways that you can get them for no cost but I have no clue how…I brought Carol into it so she could have practice LOL…She ain’t gettin’ no younger ya know! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for helping a freind of racing…and for those of you that do not know the man behind KARNAC.

There are some programs out there where Jack might qualify for a new power chair at no cost to him or his family. Also if you look on craigslist under General for sale, they have used one for anywhere from $300 up. I know we have quite a few in the Space Coast craigslist. But there are a number of programs that will help you get a power chair if you can no longer get around on your own and need to. Jack should be able to get SSI which will give him medicaid and they can get a power chair for you.


i knew id be involved. just not sure when… hahaha well now we are on a roll i hope. Jane, we are looking into all the possibilities. but the govt. takes its time. Jack needs the chair NOW and it will be passed down to others when he no longer needs it… thanks rusty and jane… good to know jack is in good hands!!!

I have one, its your’s if someone comes and gets it in jacksonville.

All I ask in return is that Kim ads at least one more limited late model race at Orlando…these are dates that would work for me, 6/18, 6/25, 7/16, or 7/23. Preferably a 50 lapper. Or (2) 25 lappers of my choice.

Of course you can have it even if she doesn’t (do the right thing Kim, lol), I’ll take a picture of it and post it so you can make sure its the kind of scooter you all are talking about.

I’m on the east side of Orlando… If the chair will work for Mr. Jack, I can come get it. If he is feeling up to watching some super late model racing… We could give it to him Friday night at Orlando Speedworld. I would be very happy to help.

This is why I love the racing family!!! We might fight argue and carry on, but when the rubber hits the road we come togather!!!

THANKS EVERYONE!!! Carol will be contacting you to make sure that it is what he needs…not trying to be picky mind you just making sure he can use it. THANKS AGAIN!!!

WOW!!! Now how incredible is this???

I do not want to get windexed or banned or whatever and if you do shame on you!!!

Craig from the other Florida board has donated a power chair!!! If you will recall Jack was on the radio show with them the other night! It is on Facebook, the offer is there!!! With a picture of it :slight_smile:

I love it when folks work togather for the good!!!


10-4 on proud

Man I am so proud of being a part of the Florida racing community. I have spent my life with these guys and I love them all. You see them on the track and you’d think they were arch enemies but look at them now. Thank you Florida Racers. You all are the best… Bob…

With all these old power chairs out there, PGS could start a new class and Jack could run in it! LOL… How about the response! Good to see…

I am still in awe…

no matter what jerks we can be at times… no matter what… when the chips are down we pull together and make things happen.!!! I emailed Craig a couple weeks ago telling him of jacks need for a chair. today he has one!!!
i am jacks close friend so allow me to personally thank Craig and the others involved from the bottom of my heart… there are no words to tell you how i feel.
So please friends… disregard the post for the chair and now we will concentrate on a ramp to get the chair back and forth. to all of you… THANK YOU and God bless… talk about a rapture… lol i think it just happened…

Craig is a very nice man and has done a wonderful thing. Doesn’t matter if he has the other board or not, he is human like the rest of us and does try to help whenever he can. I know he has lifted my spirits more than once for me and I do appreciate it. As for the ramp, you just need someone who can build a wooden one for Jack. I take it you are talking about one for the front door and maybe back door to get in and out. My neighbor built one for dad although he never used it nor the wheelchair. I could not tell you how long it has been since my dad was outside, I think since he got home from rehab over a year ago but I know Jack, and if he can get out and about, he will.

Thanks Craig, you are a good man for sure.


we are looking for an electric ramp that hooks up to the back of his car. i have a friend who may be able to help… but all advise is appreciated. the scooter Craig and them got can easily go up the front step of Jacks house. IT IS AWESOME!!! im still so emotional that those guys came up with it so fast. now just have to get it over here from Daytona! roflllllll im not saying names yet because im not sure if im allowed but it will all come out real soon. Angels cant hide!!! :wink:

So wait, now you don’t need a chair? Now I lost all my bargaining chips.

MJM…I will use what ever HA HA influence that I may have to get that worked out for you!!! I am just an old goat herder now but I know that Kim has read and seen the VERY generous offer that you made!!! Trust me it does not go unnoticed!

I just really like how things come togather!!! I had no idea that there was a deal already working…I have talked to several mutual freinds that had told me of the predicament that Jack was in…me being 1000 miles away it is not likely that he would drive this far to hunt me down and shoot me LOL

Thank YOU again MJM for your generous offer!!! It is people like you that make this world a little better place! :slight_smile:


Thanks Man for your offer. Maybe theres someone else in the racing community that needs a chair. It is extremly good to see so much of an out pouring of concern for one of our own. God Bless you man…