wrecked outlaw 4 boyd

i have a wrecked outlaw 4 boyd chassis, needs new front clip. just chassis and interior and front springs. will put rear end in it for $100. Asking $400obo

what ya want for all the three link parts

and rearend

three link parts such as? trailing arms? brackets? birdcages?

Links rearend birdcage everthing

well im selling the car now for $300 come get it,

Is it at morfins house?

yes it is…

gimme a call if your interested, we can work a deal with rear end if needed 813-326-6444

Interested in Trades?

what you got?

i got a 8 inch rear, just housing. Has Bird Cages, And Top Link. Disc Brake Mounts. Never been ran since three link brackets have been put on. $120
also have a 340 gear, whole chunk ready to go $200 or whole deal, housing, gear, and axles for $350

need it gone guys $200 come get it, will sell rear end for $200 with gear

can i get some pics


kyle wreck boyd.jpg

boyd 1.jpg

boyd 2.jpg

boyd 3.jpg

This is the 75R from eastbay last year.It is a good car,a former Scotty Williams champ.car.I have the Boyd replacement round front frame rails and k-frame for this car.If someone buys car contact me and I’ll sell u the replacement Boyd front clip.Again this is a good car…Car also had 3 link update first of last year by UFO chassis.Good Luck Kyle with sale…