Karnac vs Fl. Flag Stand.....

well i dont think there is anymore VS…
a couple weeks ago Craig Stern emailed me and asked me how Jack was doing. I told him Jack was fighting his cancer but having a terrible time getting around because of the pain. i mentioned getting our groups rounded up to help that happen. well while me and Rusty and Kim etc were getting started on a fundraiser i got a call from Craig Stern at Florida Flag Stand saying STOP… please stop! I got one!.. i could not believe all that happened in that couple of minutes and cried my eyes out. We had a motorized top of the line chair for Jack from a group who originally were on the other side! rofll how silly huh?
Craig contacted Team Extreme and somehow Billy Ausburn got deeply involved and made it happen.
it isnt over yet. we need a trailer hitch which im working on and an electric lift for the chair so Jack can finally get out of the house. have a friend working on that. they are VERY expensive. will keep you updated unless that “OTHER SIDE” beats me to it. Finally we are all on the same side and will all work very hard to promote the sport we love.
OK… here i go again… another novel!
so in closing i have one more thing to say. God bless Craig Stern, Billy Ausburn, the Team Extreme and Kim and Rusty and everyone who were willing to make sure Jack is MOBILE! Thank you from my very heart and soul.
There is no “other side” we are a united family working for the good of racing… most of you left “this side” to get away from me… im sorry for that because i never meant to offend anyone and just spoke what i felt, the same as you. but when it comes to lending a helping hand, we are all on the same side. thanks for that!!!
carolwicks aka oz

Once again racing takes care of its own. As for differances between to web sites, I see it as more like two differant collective personalities and one is a little more involved in dirt vs. asphalt. While I myself prefer dirt I go to each site daily.

Craig is quite the gentleman and has been help to me with my site and his site and mine are very similiar. I started mine as dirt only but have now included asphalt also. There is plenty of room for all three websites and we can all get along just fine as each is alittle different from the other. I gave karnac many, many years of my time and loved every minute of it. And now I give my time to my site but I do still go to karnac and Florida Flag Stand and always will. We are afterall just one family that has the same interest at heart - racing. Good, bad, whatever, I have seen it more and more, that we are all there for each other no matter what.

Families will always have differences but in the end, family is always there for each other no matter what. Family, afterall, is and always will be very important in all our lives and if not for family, who can we count on when times are rough??