Used And New Racecar Parts

1 used 26x19 griffin radiator. $100
1 used 28x18 griffin radiator w/oil cooler #16 an neck $225
1 used 29x19 howe radiator capless radiator w/oil cooler #16 an neck $225
1 new 31x19 titan radiator double bypass $197
1 new 27x19 titan radiator w/tranny cooler $202

1 pair used dynatech under chassis street tock headers. $120
1 new pair howe 1 5/8 -1 3/4 3 ? cross over headers $305
1 new 4in schoenfeld 27inlong muffler $62
2 new schoenfeld x pipes $155 each
1 new 4in flowmaster muffler 17in long $94
1 new moroso spiral muffler 3 ? 18inlong $66
4 new schoenfeld 13/4 31/2 collectors $38 each
1 new howe 10inlong 5in muffler $115
1 new pair schoenfeld 185 street stock headers $186

1 used ford 9inch with w/5 tubes. 69inch tube to tube no hub or axels $225
1 used ford 9inch 65inch tread width set up for 3 link howe 5x5 alum hubs with drive flanges inner tube seals and axels. $500
1 used winters 486 r/p L.W. sprint q/c mag center and bells w/spool and bolt on snout tubes. $450
1 used winters 486 r/p standard q/c mag center and bells w5 tubes w/spool $375
1 used winters aluminum center section 486 r/p $250
6 used coleman w/5 hubs $250
4 used willwood w/5 hubs with rotors and bearings $325
2 used Detroit lockers $450 each
2 used D.P.I. locking units $425 each
1 used aluminum gleason $675

4 used Outlaw/port city 4 piston billet brake calipers 2 fronts 2 rears $500
4 used willwood 4 piston billet brake calipers 2 front 2 rears $500
1 used 93 port city perimeter chassis with a 2006 lefthander stock camaro clip $1000
1 used Muncie 2 speed tranny with bottom cut and plated for ground clearance $500
1 used quarter master mag Low ground clearance bell housing with starter $600
1 Used willwood hanging pedal assembly with master cylinders $125
1 used tilton hanging pedal assembly $100
3 used gm alternator?s with pulleys $75 each
2 used parker helmet pumps $50 each

*prices do not include shipping.

Checkered Flag Racing has been in business for over 25 years. We service cars for all types of racing scca, asphalt, dirt, drag racing, auto crossing, hot rods and many more. We have a full service racecar shop shock dyno, spring rater, fivestar body hanging fixture abc templates for fivestar and arp. Have a jig for metric clips, camaro clips, and tube clips for late models. We have shock program set up with bilstien shocks and heckman motorsports and a shock package developed for your street stock/modified/sportsman.

Pics can be taken of all the parts that are listed and sent to you. If you have any questions call Checkered Flag Racing at 305 769 3919.


please send pics of the 1 new pair schoenfeld 185 street stock headers $186

jeff ill get you a picture in the am closing up at the shop now. can i get your email adress to send them to you