Heeeeey Rex: Florida City Question...

Ummm…any idea on these two cars? Got someone looking for info on the yellow car #66, what year, etc.:


Check ‘em out…your mini stock pics are makin’ it all the way to France…LOL

The #2 anglia 100E is Buddy Marton F100 tow,and the 2cv #66 John Guzzetta tow Sunbeam,i#66 had a Dalfen 850 Gordine motor as i remember:aetsch013: Jimmy,how’s that for from 1971

Ahhh! One of my favorite pictures from the Florida City site! Dana nailed the question on all fronts. I think it is interesting that John Guzzetta “flat-towed” the #66 from Key Largo. That is probably 20 or 25 miles: not an easy trip if you are pulling with a tiny Sunbeam!

As you can see, the track was right in the middle of an “ethnic” neighborhood. There are probably some horror stories about that, but to tell the truth I don’t know any. Everyone seemed to get along pretty well. I remember a black driver in the mini stocks, (Isom Shavers), and some black fans in the stands with their kids.

This was during the era of a preposterous experiment in social engineering when kids were bussed from white neighborhoods to black schools, and from black neighborhoods to white schools. One of the kids who lived next to the track rode the bus to my school 20 miles away, and was in my class. We were buddies, but it certainly was a stressful and expensive way to try to put people together in South Florida.


Thanks, Dana and Rex. 'Preciate it!