Have You Been Violated Lately

Two night ago someone broke into my home during the night and stole mr y peace of mind and security. Although they only got away with a flat screen tv, I no longef feel save and secure in my home. I feel as though I have been raped. Of course the Sheriffs came, the fingerprint guy, but they will never find who did it. All doors were deadbolted but one and that is how they obviously got in. My computer was sitting right there also but they did not touch that only the tv. According to the Sheriffs, they may have gotten scared by either one of the cats or something but not the sleeping dogs in bed with me.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but it happened also a few months ago to my parents when the teenager next door came into their house looking for money. Thank God he did not see dad sleeping in his hospital bed in the room he came in and dad being somewhat deaf, did not hear him but he kicked one of the cat’s water bowls which woke up mom and she started screaming. They got him right away but my mom has not slept since them and still has nightmares.

Now I know how my mom feels except that I don’t think I will ever feel safe again and right now want to move far away from this subdivision and house. The Sheriffs are convinced it was someone we know and to think that someone we call or have called a friend would do this to us, is beyond my understanding. I feel raped and I don’t think that will ever go away.

No, not lately…

BTW, you were robbed. Big difference from a rape. You mentioned it twice.

You should move away and then buy a big dog or/and a gun.

How about a security system??

I had my engine on the cherry picker changing the oil pan.Went down the street to the parts store an wasnt gone 20 minutes an the engine was on the ground and my cherry picker was gone…Found out sometime later 4 guys loaded it on top of a station wagon an was gone with it… Also somone broke into my truck by breaking the door handle an cut a big hole in my door.If that wasnt bad enough the other door was unlocked…Just plain stupid…

I do have a pit bull but I guess I better a better guarddog. She and Oscar, my baby dog, was asleep with me in the bed and did not get up at all. Sorry for the word rape but that is how I feel. Violated totally especially if this is someone I know.

I dont mean to be a smart ass or anything but if you can handle a big dog, most of them look scary but are lovable and wouldn’t hurt a thing.

Inside job…Someone who not only knows you, but knows your dog too…:sprachlos020:
My last burglar is rotting in the ground and no breakin since. Word travels fast.

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;75666]Inside job…Someone who not only knows you, but knows your dog too…:sprachlos020:
My last burglar is rotting in the ground and no breakin since. Word travels fast.

thank GOD for ocalasp76 good job my friend, i really mean that , i wish the same to anyone who steals , they are the scum of the earth , i had a chainsaw stole , u dont phuck with another mans shit…

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;75666]Inside job…Someone who not only knows you, but knows your dog too…:sprachlos020:
My last burglar is rotting in the ground and no breakin since. Word travels fast.
I agree, probably one of your best friends, you will never find out who. I have neighbors who have kids, late teens early 20’s. Had a shit load of trouble with them, put in security cameras, lies and told them if they step anyplace on my property day or night I can read the tag on thier shirt if its turned out. Also thah the cameras had motion sensors on an alarm, how do I know? Because the alarm is on my night stand beside my 9 mm. If the alarm goes off, I’ll turn the outside light off, empty the 9mm and then turn the light on and see what I got. One other time I had to call the police, hafter showing him the recording of this idiot almost running my wife off the road in front of my house, the cop told the kid he would make him come apologize to me but couldnt because I told the cop if he brought the kid over I’d shoot him, the cop told him I had the right to do just that.No problems since. May I suggest a little shitzoo dog, or however its pronunced? Mine will wake up barking if a squirrell walks across the lawn??

Jane, you don’t need to waste money moving. There are crooks, thieves, and all around bad guys everywhere. Use a few bucks to add some security to your present house. Keep ALL doors locked and dead bolted ALL the time. You can get individual alarms for each door. They don’t need to be monitored, the noise will scare them away. Good luck. billy

Get a chihuahua, I have been bit by more of those little bastards then anything. Btw, big difference between being raped and violated. I would say get a gun but if you don’t know how to use it or are afraid to use it when needed then it could be more damaging then its worth.

I agree, only dog ever bit me in my entire life was a chihuahua!! Damn my foot felt good though in his a$$!

That’s damn funny tunaman