Streetstock/Sportsman Hoosier tires for a-dale

I got 4 almost new Hoosier tires for sale Im asking $250.oo dollors…Please Call jeff waterman at 863 399-8874 thanks
its off a streetstock or Sportsmans car going to be racing at PGS Now On so i got to sell these tires thanks

wanna do any trading? i got a th350


No sir I need to sell tires have baby on the way trying to sell all the stuff i got

Hoosier tires

What size are they? Any wheels (size/pattern)? Where located?


sry i dont know no wheels at all but i for got the size of the tires but i can get them for you can u please give me a # in ill call


The Tires are sold to the number 97 streetstock Sam thanks Real Racing and sam