Front running 4cyl. bomber/gladiator....

Car is a 03 Ford Focus.Front runner @ Bubba RWP,Volusia or wherever is races.RACE READY minus seat/belts.Willing to sell cash money or trade for a v-8 thunder/hobby/sportsman.What ya got?Will be @ Volusia tonite!!

focus pic. 1.jpg


how much are you looking to get for it?


Finished second last nite,open to offers…

PM sent…

RACE READY!! First $1000 owns it…


car still 4sale??? where are you located???

friend is intrested… cal chris @ 386-697-8015

hey its bob in cocoa,my son finaly posted pics of mustang in our ad.please take a look and call me if interested.thanks,bob in cocoa,321-458-0825 and again sorry about the delay in getting pics.

still for sale?


mike just bring it down and pickup the mustang whenever you are ready.only day that is bad for us is tommorow,sunday.

hey pm me where u located and how much total if u toe the car to my house in tampa ty

i have a 79 ford f150 4x4 if interested

Is car available? No trading. I have cash. PM phone number.

Has a brand new c/v axle and inner tie-rod and it finished 4th Friday nite @ North Florida…PRICE IS FIRM!!

but would have been dqed if it would have been tected dif size tires hand break… one of my team mates was going to bye it but you just have it on hear to talk… not to sell it…
come back legal to our track rules and see if you can keep up

Mike This Is Joe Call Me 239-503-5073

Hey touch-hole,first off there is no hand brake hooked up and it hasn’t been ever since I’ve had the car.Secondly,my car went through YOUR tech area and was deemed legal.Instead of crying on here why don’t you get your old chit up to snuff or better yet build ya a newer car that way you can keep up.You must be the lapped car that I punted in the infield that tried taking me out on the backstretch.And your right I think I’m going to KEEP my car so I can come back and wax your butt again hopefully on a drier track Turkey-Trot weekend.Go build a front running car for less than what I’m asking and then come talk to me,loser.If I was you I’d be more worried about finding out why the 5 car is so fast cause that car sure ain’t stock nor does he weigh what he’s supposed to either,atleast according to what I was told at your track Fri. nite.