Are you sick of the same car winning

This past weekend i said something about chunk hill’s 95 car super stock after win every race this year but one this car still hasnt even had to pull a head. see sade sponsers the track and have about 10 cars out there and bring alot of money to the track and buy tires for all there cars so i just got off the phone with robert hart and he asked me how many people i bring and how many new tires do i buy and i said i bring one in the pits and 10 in the grandstand and only buy one tire every couple weeks and he said see . So basic told me him self that they can run what they want but you cant . there are 3 things i pointed out on the 95 car that arent by the rules but they let him go. Switching my car to DIRT BETTER PAY and they tech alot more far and there tech dont go after people with wrenches last saturday tech guy hellyer came after me with a wrench and the track owner dont care this is why Nss has a low car count and there are no fans in the stand who wants to go watch races there are fixed there aint no real teching going on. Nss has a very nice track but very poorly manged and the tech dont know shit about motors or are to lazy to do anything