Ignor list

I just put dd38 on my ignor list and it feels good to be free of one constant complainer. I won’t have to hear his crap at the racetrack either because he don’t race anymore anyway. LOL

Couldn’t stand the pressure. Waiting for that page number. BTW I"ll still be there.

Hey EZ, tell Jonesie you can still see the title of any post someone on your ignore list puts up, he called me a liar. LOL I love the ignore list. Only problem is I have no-one to correct me anymore on my spelling.

Yea tuna, the ignor list is great. It’s even better to tell them you are ignoring them. I think that pisses them off more than bickering with them.

Tuna ain’t no liar !

Tunaman you are absolutely correct that you can see that the ignored person posted but it doesn’t show what they wrote. When they send you a PM, it let’s you know but you have to click on view message to see it. That dd38 guy is stalking me. LOL it’s like a dog chasing a car, if he catches it, what then ? Same old thing, stands in the street barking. ROTFLMAO

Stalking YOU??? Yea right. After the FOUL LANGUAGE (cannot even start to say what he said to/about me.) you sent me in a P.M. You need to seek some professional help. I cannot believe a Human being in your profession, would say something like that! Do you talk/treat your customers the same way? Sir you are SICK and Disgusting. I pity your family and friends if you talk like that around them. I’ll pray for you that you get that professional help you need. Remember you are the one that started bashing me, or is that stalking me. OCSO has your name so if there is any retaliation towards me or my property, they know who to look at. DONE!

I see you posted, but I have no idea what you said. If you are apologizing for being a jerk, not accepted, you won’t change.

Yea but other people will and will tell you.

Right now I am flipping you the bird because I don’t know what you said. Keep posting because it let’s me know you are obsessed with our disagreement. Its what I wanted the whole time, to get in your head so you might think before insulting and bashing. Mission accomplished. Go back in your hole rabbit.

i wish i had someone to ignore it sounds like a lot of fun lol

Yea, his next move was to tell on me to KARNAC. Funny thing is that I have never once threatened him. He’s mad because I told him to FO and called him a Richard cranium in a private message reply from him calling me a chickenpoop. This nutbag is obsessed.

I have no beef here but TWICE I’ve sent private messages to two differant people because I thought it better than do it on here. And TWICE they took my private message public. Cowards!!

Tuna nothing is privite here. 38 dude is that the rabit on there?
David D ?

Sure is Knotty Head.

well david its good to hear from you. who else could it be…dd38.
did you id your friend yet? leave your ph# nd he will call you im sure.


David has always been a little different but hes ot to bad of a guy.
Please dont worry hes harmless.

Well Thank You Don. At least someone understands me. I’m about having fun on here, but sometimes these people get waaaay to personal.