Upadte on the Educational Racing Summer Camp at Auburndale.

[SIZE=“3”][B]I was running late and didn’t get to the track till 5:47 PM. I had been in the RAIN all they way from Riverview. I called Carl Green who works there (Carl was FASTRUCK’s Tech Man for years) and asked if it was raining… He said “It was dry and clear, but look dark from the South”. I pull in and it (the RAIN) followed me. Everyone in the pits look down and huddled in their trailers. I went the tech shed to apologies for bring the RAIN. They said it started about 15 minute before I got there and it wasn’t my fault. I felt better. There were knocking on the door. Guess what the every want to know. Yes, you got it right! "Are they going to call the Race. Ted and Carl said just hold on there checking the radar. About 15 minutes later they announced that they were RACING!!! Everyone cheered. I went over to the front side to set up. They said it (the RAIN) would put the program back an hour, but we are racing. The Fans started filing in. Man I tell you what. The Auburnadle Fans are a FAMILY group of FANS!!! Very few groups came in without a bunch of Kids. Then I remember that when we race the FASTRUCK there they also ways were packed with Kids. Oh yeah I left off Auburndale As one of the places I raced (FASTRUCK,Stock Cars, Go Karts, and I even remember the bikes) whoooopppssss… That was other post. Sorry I left off the old Lakeland Road Course (SCCA). DANG I hate getting old. Back to the night. The field was a little light (understandable with the threat of RAIN). But the FANS truly enjoyed every minute. They were very happy and under stood the RAIN OUT that happen and why it was called. Ray said to give out a Free “Tuesday Night THUNDER” for their 50/50. We had a lot of interest in both the Educational Racing Summer Camp for the KIDS,and a lot for the BIG KIDS (adults) for the Tuesday Night THUNDER. In fact print this post get $5.00 off the price for Tuesday. Making it $25.00 for the most FUN you can get in a racing vehicle. All in all it was great time. The place was spotless the food was great and the bath rooms where clean and had all the necessary paper product you needed. Rex’s staff was very nice and helpful. The FANS all had smiles on their faces. It’s a GREAT place to RACE!!!

Thanks Aburndale for letting us show our program it was a hit![/B][/SIZE]

Hey Bobby, what about soap??

Auburnadlae get’s a A+!

[SIZE=“4”]Tunaman yes plenty of soap. Again the place was perfect. Extra clearn everywhere. :)And if anyone has questions about the Tuesday Night THUNDER Program call Debbie or Ray at 813-634-1076 at Ambassador Racing School. Heck maybe we can have a KARNAC Night at the races. Ray said he would have a spiecal NIGHT if we got it together. Anyone in???[/SIZE]