New Gas

Bay news 9 said that the state is passing a bill making the gas stations sell 15% ethonal gas…Before to long it is going to be 100%

i personally refuse to use that crap . im still buying the good stuff ( 93 octane with no additives ) and dont have the headache of repair bills and fuel systems full of water . and i believe that all this green crap will be stopped in its tracks when nobama loses the next election .

Yea i still use the old cause i dont want my car running on stuff that i would eat lol But obama has screwed stuff up

Thats why I drive a diesel.

Just wondering, what would be your thinking on buying oil from China. They just open up a oil field in Iraq. We have lost 4468 of our Finest and 1000’s wounded, they are 0 and 0. Yet they get the oil field. Racing with fuel bought from the people that own us, only in America.

The original deal was to let Iraq sell oit in order to rebuild their country. Yeah right!!!


You will not be buying it from China. They are getting it for their own home needs. They and India are fast catching up with U. S. in using oil.

Some Republicans like Romney favor ethanol contaminated gas too. beware of the ones from corn states, Iowa etc. It takes more energy to produce than u get from it.