Bronson Speedway Open Wheel Modified Rules

All interpretations of these rules by Bronson Speedway officials are FINAL.
Cars must weigh 7 lbs. per cubic inch. Minimum weight 2,500 lbs. Maximum 56% left side weight.
Aluminum head cars must run Maximum 54% left side weight.

  1. Factory production complete full 1965 or newer parallel American passenger car frames only.
    Fabricated front clip permitted - deduct 1% left side weight.
  2. Frames may be cut in the rear only at a point no further than 36 inches from center of rear end housing.
  3. Frames will not be widened or narrowed and must be able to support the roll cage on both sides. Front
    cross members may be notched for radiator clearance only.
  4. Minimum frame to ground clearance = 4 inches.
  5. Front suspension and steering may not be altered. Heim joint permitted in place of tie rod end. Stock
    passenger car spindles only. No fabricated spindles. Lower A-frames cannot be altered or relocated.
  6. Tubular upper A-frames allowed. Mounting point may be relocated.
  7. No coil over shocks allowed either front or rear. No homemade coil covers used anywhere on vehicle.
  8. No Jeep, Bronco, Sports car, 4-wheel drive, front-wheel drive frames allowed.
  9. Rear of frame may be altered to accept leaf or coil springs. Any coil springs permitted. Must be at least
    4 ? inches outside diameter. No fiberglass springs allowed. No torsion bars allowed in rear.
  10. No hydraulic, ratchet or electric weight jacks anywhere in or on the car.
  11. One shock per wheel only.
  12. Minimum wheel base 108 inches. Wheel base must be same on both sides. 1/2" plus/minus tolerance
    from side to side.
  13. No aluminum suspension components.
  14. No chassis or suspension adjustments from driver’s seat.
  15. 1965 or newer American passenger cars only (no panel vans or station wagons). May use
    steel, aluminum, or fiberglass full size roof. Must be stock in appearance. Stock appearing front
    windshield and rear window support.
  16. Fire wall and floor boards are mandatory. All body parts should be recognizable as factory production
    vehicle. Fiberglass or metal duplicates of body parts are permitted. Hand made body parts may be
    constructed of steel, fiberglass, or aluminum, but should be recognizable as factory production. All cars
    must be neat in appearance.
  17. All cars will be numbered with large numbers at least 18? high, in door area on both sides and on the
    roof facing scoring tower.
  18. Original roof line of car must be maintained with maximum drop of 4 inches-rear to front. No wings
    allowed. One spoiler not to exceed 5? x 60? allowed on rear of car to be placed within the last 5 inches of
    the deck lid.
  19. No ground effects allowed.
  20. Engine compartment will remain open, no side panels.
  21. Hood may have a maximum of 4? drop and must be enclosed at the rear of the hood.
  22. Bodies may not extend any further forward than the back of the engine block.
  23. Rear of bodies to be securely and completely closed in with a panel at least 8? high.
  24. Driver and passenger side window opening = minimum 14 inches.
  25. No radios permitted. Anyone caught with driver/crew communication will be disqualified.
  26. Mirrors permitted.
  27. Any American made engine may be used as long as rear of engine (bell housing flange) is mounted at
    least 72? forward from center line of the rear axle. Engine offset = no more than 2? from center of
    cross member. Engine height minimum will be 11? from ground to front center of crankshaft.
  28. Any engine used in competition must have been available in conventional passenger cars. No machine
    work allowed on outside of engine block. Crate engines permitted.
  29. No aluminum engine blocks.
  30. All cars must use a wet sump oiling system. All oil pumps must mount in stock location on block.
  31. No vacuum pumps.
  32. Any two (2) or four (4) barrel carburetors .
  33. Must be naturally aspirated.
  34. No fuel injection.
  35. No electric fuel pumps.
  36. No magnetos.
  37. Only OEM production type transmissions allowed 3 speed, 4 speed, or automatic.
  38. No “in and out” boxes.
  39. Transmission must be clutch operated.
  40. From standing position, driver must be able to engage car in gear and move
    forward and then backwards-at any time.
  41. Clutch type transmission must be equipped with an explosion proof steel bell housing.
  42. After market multi-disk allowed. 5" minimum diameter.
  43. All cars must be self-starting.
  44. Drive shaft loop is required and must be constructed of at least ? ? by 2? inch steel and should be
    mounted no more than 6? from the front of the drive shaft.
  45. The Drive shaft must be painted white.
  46. No aluminum drive shafts.
  47. Any passenger car type rear end may be used.
  48. Quick change rear end allowed. Center section and side bells may be aluminum. Axles and tubes
    must be steel.
  49. Exhaust system must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away from the cockpit of the
    vehicle and away from any fuel sources.
  50. O.E.M steering box only. No rack and pinion allowed.
  51. No center steering.
  52. No aluminum steering components.
  53. (4) wheel working brakes required.
  54. Maximum of 22 gallon fuel cell mandatory. Fuel cell must be in 22 gauge steel container. Minimum
    fuel cell to ground clearance = 8 inches.
  55. Must consist of continuous hoops not less the 1.666? outside diameter and must have a wall
    thickness of at least .095.
  56. Must be frame mounted at no less than six (6) points.
  57. Must consist of a configuration of front and rear hoops connected by tubing on the sides or side
    hoops. Drivers head must not protrude above the cage with helmet and strapped in the drivers seat.
  58. Low carbon, mild steel tubing is recommended. No brazing or soldering allowed.
  59. Protection of feet is mandatory. Bar across back of engine with vertical bars and rub rails, or similar
  60. No brace bars forward of cage may be higher than stock hood height.
  61. Driver door bars must be as parallel with the ground as possible and located perpendicular to the
    driver as to provide maximum protection for the driver, but without causing undue difficulty in
    getting into or out of the vehicle. The side door bars must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage
  62. Bumpers must be used front and rear. No sharp edges permitted.
  63. Front bumper must be mounted frame end to frame end with the bottom loop parallel to the ground.
    Must be made of a minimum of 1 ? ? tubing and must be able to support the car if lifted by the
  64. Rear bumper, nerf bars, and bodies must not extend beyond the width of the tires.
  65. Rear bumper must protect the fuel cell.
  66. Front and rear bumpers must have minimum 18? ground clearance. Measured in center.
  67. Maximum overall track width (front or rear) shall not exceed 78 inches from outside of the tire right
    side to outside of the tire left side. Maximum ? ? spacer between hub and wheel. No wheel adapters
    allowed. No tire warmers or air bleeders.
  68. Steel racing wheel only. Maximum 8" wheel width.
  69. Tires are to be Track Approved.
    The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion in the fairness of competition.

No radios, that should be fun to watch. How many tow trucks will the track have ? Now I’m not suggesting that no radios and tow trucks have anything in common.:sprachlos020:

There aren’t a whole lot of radio stations you can pick up in Bronson anyway… But you can run a CD player LOL…

Good one Dave !


You are kidding right! 54% left side, why would you go and change the rules from what every track in the state is running! No radios, I can only imagine the carnage radios are a safety factor when your strapped in an
wearing a hans device your visibility is slim to none other than looking forward, your spotter is crucial. Apparentley your not looking for the quality of modifies that are out there to support your track.Good Luck in your new venture
T. Carreno

if nothing elce you need raidos for saftey.I think you need to re look at that

Tony. Do the other tracks handicap the alunmium head cars? And if so how? I don’t really know your rules.

The normally have you add 50 pounds in front of the fly wheel for aluminum heads but that rule might have went away. I agree radios do help with safety and the 54 percent for aluminum heads you might as well say you don’t want them at your track. This is just my opinion.


right…Its 50 pounds in front of flywheel at citrus…P.G…Desoto…auberndale…and not sure of fascar tracks…why would they want to change the rules that have been in effect for years?? As far as radios ?? were not driving friggin street stocks …ask LB skaggs what happens when you dont give a driver a certain amount of room with open tires ??? people will be on there lids. I hope that these rules are not set in stone…Some one needs to ask these new owners if they want some of citrus’s 20 car average…unbelievable!!
What tires are they runnin…american racers???


front clips with aluminum heads 53% left side lol good luck thats funny ancrave were did you get this info?

Yah that is what I though. 50 in front. Tony this rules thing is an up hill battle around here. Hell I think my car is legal in 49 other states.

Mr south

definately uphill…But I will fight this one…Hopefully they will see the light

Why fight? Just stay at Citrus where you get some love Doug!

I will support citrus every race

Citrus has been good to me and is my track. But I also love the sport and care about the modifieds…and hate people changing the rules…By the way Jon happy belated…my B day also on the 6th…Be there with sportsman motor sat…Dropped bcylinder after last caution last race…Thank You Citrus for Everything

I tested my mod at the july 4th session on 50 lap old set of american racer slicks because thats all i had left. I run a stock front clip with vortec head motor so the weights dont hurt me. but no radios? crazy. in the car with my hans on that has the slider teathers i have zero vision out of my left rear even with my mirror. so radios are very much a safety item. I have left a facebook message and email asking about this rule. Is it about blocking? just black flag a car for blocking? is this a cost issue? Then why no shock rule or brake caliper rule?

Thanks Canedog

for bringing up the issue… How was the track …any improvements?

I’ve been saying lose the radios since they started being used. Look at what is in FRONT of you and drivers to the rear need to RE-LEARN the fact that they do NOT have the lane unless their bumper is at the other car’s A post! Radios are an excuse for lack of talent, and don’t blame Hans devise (re read if necessary.)

Besides…a spotter cannot react in near enough time for a track that small other than to tell a driver he is being run down and to BLOCK.

I’ve raced that track, you are out of one turn and already going into the next before your spotter (cough cough) can say “clear low”!

First let me say that I haven’t driven at bronson since the sara latemodel days and local l limited late model days about 11 years ago. They have made very nice improvements to the stands, and other aspects of the facility. As to be expected there is zero rubber on the track. So with that and the hot temps it wass quite slick. I did learn that a 6.63 gear like I have run at auburndale turns way too many rpms. I have allways loved bronson so regardless of the radio rule I will show up for the first race excited as allways and take it from there.
Brian hutcheson

oh yeah one more thing. Im 29 and i think half of the fun for my dad at the track is still being able to yell at me over the radio .

[QUOTE=Benny The Mule;79199]I’ve been saying lose the radios since they started being used. Look at what is in FRONT of you and drivers to the rear need to RE-LEARN the fact that they do NOT have the lane unless their bumper is at the other car’s A post! Radios are an excuse for lack of talent, and don’t blame Hans devise (re read if necessary.)

Besides…a spotter cannot react in near enough time for a track that small other than to tell a driver he is being run down and to BLOCK.

I’ve raced that track, you are out of one turn and already going into the next before your spotter (cough cough) can say “clear low”![/QUOTE]

B.M.(no offense…LOL), that’s exactly what I was thinking. The track is so small, it seems a radio would be useless anyway, unless you wanted to know who was behind you, who spun you, or what lap you’re on, etc… Only been in a mod once but can’t you HEAR someone when they’re trying to get under you? At that point, can’t you turn your head to the left enough to see their right front tire?