NHRA questions

While watching the NHRA show last night on TV, it dawned on me that I have never seen the payoff posted before. Does anyone know how much a team makes for winning in the Nitro classes ?, also, what does a top notch driver make per year ?.

This will be a reality check…

This year when I went to the Gatornationals I think top fuel got $50,000 and like $22,000 for second and $15,000 for third. Can’t even buy one engine with a win.

They did say before on one of the broadcasts that it costs a nitro car an average of about $10,000 per run for the whole season

That’s on the low side when you start talking about crews, travel, shop transporters, and NHRA Dues…

Your probably right. I believe they were just talking about the cost of making the run.

If they pay 50k now it just went up. Last year and forever they paid 40,000 to win a fuel class which won’t even come close to covering expenses years ago nitro was $55.00 a gallon and they will use as much as 15 gallons a run. To win the world championship you get a whopping $400,000 and that has been the same for years. I was a drag racing fanatic for years that came to an end when they went to 1000ft racing. Pro stock is less than half of those figures so no one is getting rich over there like Nascar. If you think that is bad check on the local level that is way worse and no matter how many cars you race against they only pay 4 to 8 cars.