Need Scrambler

I need a scrambler for $1000, that’s the highest price I can go, I need one that will only cost me about $100 a month when I race. My dad told me if I can find this, I can race. It has been my DREAM to race ever since I was 5 years old, and I finally made a deal with him, he will pay for the monthly price if I pay for the car, and the most I can take honestly is a $1000 car, may be able to take a $1,100 car, but most likely the max price is $1000. Thank you.

racecar 700.00

I got a good car for u for sale raceready for only 700.00 cash

I’ve already found a car, but I may change my mind, how quick does it get up to 60? and can you send me pics?


yea it gets up that fast and its a dodge Charger they wont let me run it in the mini stock

Alright send me pictures, please. Also what type of tires does it have on it and how many laps are on the tires?

what year is car? and send pics to 901-451-2265