Good night

Good nite @NSS tonight.Better car count, not huge but better. Every race had good compitition, and i enjoy the heats. I thought a pretty good crowd. Lets hope it continues.

don’t go to nss very much, but i was there tonight as crew for the 18 mod it was a pretty good show. went there one time last year and it was very bad. will be back next time the mods are running as crew again.

It was great to see the big mods pick up the car count a little. Usually you see 2-3 big mods and 3-4 e-mods. This time it was reversed. I think the only e-mods last night was the #21 and me (#17).:ernaehrung004:

Was good seeing you out there again. I know how hard it must be for an emod to keep, especailly at NSS. Is it a little easier at OSW? Anyhow, hang in there, Phil