Camaro Complete Roller

Camaro complete roller - plenty more pictures ready to email.

Make a reasonable offer

(941) 809-3498


price n anytrade

can you email more pics and how much to


… anyone?

What class did the car run in? Dirt or asphalt?

Need more pics of interior and rear end. Need info on specs.

by the looks of it asphalt sportsman it does have lexan


I Just Moved To Punta Gorda… Where Is The Car Located ? I Would Like To Take A Look…pm. Please.

Very Interested Where Ya At???

(941) 809-3498 try the phone number … Hope this helps

Trade for a nice daily driver???

Would you be interested in a trade for a FAST front running race ready FWD …

Very busy at new job… I,ll call soon.

do you still have this car?