NASCAR Home Tracks

I wonder why there are no NASCAR home tracks in Florida? Any ideas?

My first idea is that there is not enough racing commerce to support them. It looks like most tracks are just scraping by and could not handle the extra sanctioning fee.

I don’t miss local NASCAR tracks. In my limited experience with them, I found them to be more expensive and a great deal of hassle.

If, at least, that mega outfit would have a set of national rules used at every(the ones left) of their sanctioned race tracks, it would be worth a tad more.

OHH OHH OHH I got this one!!! :slight_smile:

The sanctioning fees are REDICULOUS!!! We did it here at Monroe …$1350.00 per week…yes per week, and 5% of the purse of whatever divisions are running in the “Hometrack” deal.

What did it do for this one…We got phone calls for the first 6 weeks asking when Kyle or Dale etc etc was going to be here! LOL

Ohhhhh they do not make you any deals on getting the drivers to those tracks either…you can do it on your own for the same “talent” fee :slight_smile:

Do not get me wrong…it is a very nice things to have, IF you have the $$$$$

We, unfortunatly, did not :frowning:

For me, the biggest pluses on being a Nascar sanctioned track were

  1. Insurance. At least you knew that Nascars was legit. This year, I bought a supplemental policy from S.T.I.D.A., I am doubtful of any substantial coverage (or any coverage at all) at the track I currently race (no longer a Nascar sanctioned track).

2)Sponsors. It was much easier (and permissible) to use Nascars name and logo when courting businesses.

3)Points banquet. You usually got a fair check straight from Daytona.


  1. Every year, after paying Nascar 100 bucks, they sent you a rulebook that did not apply to your track and a stupid hat pin. Who the hell wears hat pins anymore.

2)Did I mention the 100 bucks.

3)Very confusing “National” and “regional” points system.