Race Ready Sportsman (new Pics) 55

Dillon chassis stock caprice front clip, 3 link rear end, winters 9", 650 gear, 602 crate motor , tri-y headers, full containment seat, car comes with 2 sets of chrome wheels and 1 new set of tires and set of penske shocks $8000 race ready call Richard Elkins Jr (863) 293-5333

Need Info

Where was car run last? I wanr to run OSW> 3/8 Mile

Fast Sportsman

This car is really fast in a top 3 car The last place it race is at Auburndale Speedway

raced auburndale last week . this car has run bronson citrus the past 2-3 yrs

Who ran the car at Citrus?

rick kase #1 was matt bloom old car that is what i was told


Hey would u trade for a sharp 1995 Mustang GT. Nice Car very sharp.


Lucky 6 do you race anything or are you a racecar dealer? I see you are always trading something, or have something to trade, or something for sale. I am just wondering, that way if I hear of someone looking for a car, I know who to call.


No I do race a Pro Truck and a Mod Mini at Desoto and Orlando but I have had a number of cars and drove in different class from Limiteds to bombers. No I have a sharp 1995 Mustang and just looking to see if he wanted to trade. I see he wanted to traded for a street car.


is car offset or perimeter

perimeter car

would you take 6500 cash thank you

7000.00 cash race ready no extra parts