3 Cars For Sale!!!

i have two '80-'81 Camaros
one is rolling (gutted without rollcage)- $300 OBO
one is NOT rolling, gutted, with rollcage (rollcage was put in by Gus at Fred’s Garage)- $300 OBO

I also have a Metric Monte Carlo (? year) rolling with no body but has firewall and floor. I have a prebent full rollcage for it…never put in. will sell car with rollcage for $400 or seprate ($200- for the rollcage, $250- for the car)

Located in Sarasota, FL
Call/text/email Brad @ 941-915-6167

R the bodies in good shape on the camaro

the one with the rollcage has no body and the other one has a good body on it but it does not have the front fender

could u send me pics of both cars 352 212 5604 or herneracing@yahoo.com

sure I’ll take some pics tomorrow and send them

cars still for sale make good spares for someone:huepfen024:

Any Pics??

yes but it wont let me post them on here…do u have an email or phone we can text pix to?

text pics to arussell45@msn.com please!!!

pics sent :slight_smile:

If you want to send the pics to veaseyracing@gmail.com, I can post them for you.

still for sale

send me some pics of the camaros 386 433 6714

its easier for me to send it by email so that I can send it all at once…rather than one at a time whats your email??:smilie_abcfra: