B.J. McLeod

B.J. is in the #78 truck tonight at Nashville. Qualified 23rd and with just a very few laps left, is now 20th. Actually 3 laps left. Congratulations to B.J. for a great job. B.J. hopes to run some more truck races this year and is hoping to go fulltime next year.

YOU GO B.J.!!! We are very proud of you.

I heard he was in the race so I tuned in. For about 15 minutes. That’s all I could TAKE! These “big” tracks are the most boring thing ever. WHO likes to watch that kind of racing?? I don’t get it! I also noticed about 100 fans in the grandstands. Dumbass NASCRAP…

I agree, the big tracks are very boring. But I do hope BJ did well. Wish I’d known about the race though, it would of been more fun than fighting with Mommy! LOL. Oh sob, she said she doesn’t like me. Cry,cry,cry.

Honestly, I seldom watch any NASCAR race but wanted to see B.J. run. And there were a few others in the race that I knew and was happy for Austin to win since he did run at SpeedWorld in the Winter Nationals and grandpa would fly in to watch him and his brother run. But I will watch all B.J.'s races, boring or not, because he is a friend and I am very happy for him and proud of him. It took him longer to get where he wants to go but B.J. is a good guy and he will do it. And hopefully, he will get his full time ride next year and guess then I will really be watching the trucks. But boring or not, I will watch him because he is my friend and that was only his 3rd truck race and they did a nice little story on him before the race began and the special sticker he had on his truck.

Completely agree. The 1 1/2 milers are single file and it takes multiple “debris” cautions to keep 10 or more racers on the lead lap. Last night I watched the start and after 10 minutes switched to womens softball since it is fast pitch and has more drama than the race. This was done even though we have a hometown driver in Ricky Carmichael. Unfortunately his career will end when he loses his sponsor.

Jane, I agree!

I don’t know BJ but ive watched him a lot and have wondered for yrs why no one ever made the call to him to move up. But I guess its mostly about $ today than talent. Anyhow, I’m with you and wish BJ the best. Hope you’re doing well also. Oh, ck you PM box