Local Track And Racin

Just Went To A Local Track After A Year Of Not Racing.times Are Hard And We Do Not Race Every Weekend.after We Got There And Paid Our Way In,practiced Once…we Were Told That Our American Racer Tires Could Not Run On The Track…(clue)…we Would Have To Buy A Set Of Hoosiers To Run…im Going To End This Story Right Now,you Want To Know Why People Dont Race…fill In The Blanks

Sir with all due respect I ask the following questions. I am in no way ridiculing you or trying to create an argument. I want to understand your issue.

Did you know before hand that the track races on Hoosiers ?

Did you know where to find the rules in print ?

How old and where did the American Racers come from ?

Was this a dirt or asphalt track ?

Thank you for sharing your complaint and not bashing the track in question.

I look forward to your reply,
The new EZ.

they should let him race w a grace period.No points no money if they feel those tires are better.Track might have deal with hoosier though,

[QUOTE=rhinoracing11;81278]they should let him race w a grace period.No points no money if they feel those tires are better.Track might have deal with hoosier though,

I have not read a tire contract, but it could be the reason. Good point.

Another reason why the rules/tires etc need to be all the same. Too many gready people is all. Plus, I would THINK if every track in fl used the same tires, they could be bought a lot cheaper. But what do I know???

hoosiers, american racers, big black bricks, dont matter that frkn car was flyn! i know it sucks, but he aint budging on that tire rule! we been racing there off and on for awile, and tried bring a car with american racers, we didnt buy tires so we watched that night! desoto is the only track that will allow you to run what ya brung! hope you come back in 2 weeks would like to see that rocket ship again!:):slight_smile:

some tracks do have a gace week for a new guy. If the tires he brings are faster its not fair to the other cars… i rember donny lewis comeing to me and asking for some good used tires for those guys. the ones that didnt want them were trying to take advantage and we sent them home. Do you think thats fair?


Heres what happened

Heres what happend. I did buy tires to race this weekend, which most drivers that travel to another track wont do.Just trying to support the local track. I was told by many drivers that we could run the american racer tires untill they were no good.These tires did come from A-Dale. not starting problems but i do wish they would have some grace period. Now i have the HOOSIER tires and they ran better than expected. Had fun and the results dont show it, but small things like this do keep cars away from tracks. Thanks Levi, I did not expect the car to run as good as it did. THANKS TRM (P.S. I offered to run for no money or points and would also start scratch to run on the tires, also would let them durometer the tires if there were any questions) Will run again now that i have tires. Thanks

glad your coming back!:ernaehrung004:

Now that is a true racer there!