Another GREAT RACER and a FRIEND needs our prays.

Larry Moyer is at the end of his hard fight with brain cancer. He needs our prays! He is a strong man, but this cancer has wore him down. Please say a pray for his Family they have been going through some hard times. If anyone has pictures of his racing career please put them on this post. I’ll print them and give them to him. I told him I saw some earlier and it made him smile.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Larry and his family.


if any body can get me a phone number so i can talk to larry . richard elkins jr . we go way back thanks . you can email it thanks .

Larry and his family are all added to my prayers. May God bless them all and help them thru this hard time.

Larry’s another one of them guys that drove for my dad at St. Pete, Lakeland, and DeSoto, and won races for us. He drove our car in the mid-'90s. Let me see if I can link these pictures off of my FaceBook:

Few more:

Get a little help from my FRIENDS!

Richard here is the phone number that Alan his son called me on 813-369-2214. And Jimmy thanks so much I going to try to print them. It will put a smile on his face. If anyone else has any please post. He needs all the love he can get.

WOW!!! They printed.

I saw a few weeks ago the pictures of the Clear Body cars that Larry and his side kick Dave Pletcher Raced. Please if you have any more it really helps his days go faster.

larry moyer–

has been a great racing memory for me----i surely hopes he can can come through again. long stories run from me, about him…all good

Just got a phone call from my brother; tells me that the three pics I posted above (the two red #12’s and the black Camaro-bodied car) ain’t Moyer :-\ I was living in Virginia at the time…so forgive me :slight_smile:

Some more pics of Moyer: