This is Jack DICTATING!

Hello from the lovely confines of Fawcett Memorial Hospital. I am on a pretty good roller coaster ride of pain and relaxation. (Joking)
The Florida racing community mean more to me than anything in this world outside of my immediate family…everyone needs to know and understand that its everyone of you that makes it all possible. whether as fans, writers, photographers, track owners, drivers, withiout who none of this cOuld exist. even our hardened criticizers who have kept us in the public eye all these years. its you baby!!! i LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Jack Smith

Love you too Jack! Keeping you in my prayers!

Keep strong my Brother…

Thinking of you and your circle of family and friends every day Jack!!

You have that good Smith blood in you so you hang in there and it will get better. Just like it did for dad and he is still here. Just get better Jack and tell that old pain to go away.


hang in there jack! for thinking about you!:slight_smile:


that this brings better news for mr. jack smith—i hope everyting turns for the better.

Dictate on brother, Dictate on…:cool008:

See ya at the race!

To Jack Smith;

Jack, I don’t know if I know you. I have been reading all the posts, quotes and threads about Jack Smith. One thing I have learned from this, you are a well respected, loved and endeared man. You truly are blessed. I pray you continue to carry the strength needed to meet this challenge. Thank you for touching all the many people in your life. As those have previously posted, keep dictating Jack. Signed, another touched by Jack.