turn key sportsman for $3999 New Motor and trans

Brand new 355 and sag 3 speed. please call 863-3815459 i have everything for the car. the motor is out for your inspection. pan is off. if it dont sell this weekend i will keep. need cash. 4000 bottom dollar. kirkley seat. all gauges. shifter, 9in rear, 22 gallon cell, fiberglass body, alum doors, crossover headers, new 500 holley alum intake. double hump heads, great short block, all new motor and trans, 2005 camaro clip chassis. alum raditior, new motor mounts, new clutch, new pressure plate, perfect clutch flywheel. please feel free to call. 863-381-5459

why dont i just give it away?

on hold for buyer untill wed.

hey how is the groccery getter??? found some extra keys if you need them!! glad to see you got the car together!!! take it to some races just to get some laps and let people see it out there then maybe it will sell!!! good luck!!!

wagon runs like shit. has since the day you left my house. i got fucked. didnt know the rear was broke. go ahead and keep the keys cause the cars leaving this week if i gotta take it to the crusher.

car is still for sale

$3500 FIRM and if it dont sell for that then i will keep or part out!

the rear end wasnt broke, i never had a problem!!! i told you how it was running and plus you heard it, that motor needed to be put back to carb and scrap all the electronics!! you paid 600 for the car and got rid of a junk carb,half a nitrous kit, and tranny with bad bearings… i had well over 3500 in that motor just to put it in that car!! im telling the truth,put a carb on it and it will come alive…as for the rear end how is it broke???all it needed was bushings for control arms and shocks… ive done plenty of burnouts and never had any problems!!!

im trying to sell a car here. i crushed that wagon.