355 Shortblock Cheap

355 short block fresh, everything in motor is new except rotating assembly (crank,rods,pistons) and rotating assembly only has three races on it. No races on motor since rebuild. Comes with everything except heads. This piece is priced at $1200.00 need quick sale. Contact me at 813-484-5173

any trades?

ok whats new in the motor you say its a shortblock only so im guessin no heads new parts as in bearings oil pump ??

I’m open to trades!

The crank rods pistons came from another block with three races. So the block is fresh. Bearings,freeze plugs,machine work. Crank,rods,pistons were put in new block with new rings. It has new cam and lifters,new pumps,new oil pan,new pullys,new distributor,new intake. Has eveything except heads.

what are you looking for on trades

What do you got? I’m not looking for anything particular.

i have racecars,parts,lot of other stuff

Reddog: make me a trade offer

i have 2 camaro rollers


Sold…Thanks Karnac!