BRP visit; Random Thoughts

This was my first visit to BRP since Bubba took it over, i was in the pits all night, so i didn’t venture up into the grandstands.

The facility was very clean, including the bathrooms

I walked up to the track to take a look, unaware that the track at been changed so much. I was happy to see the new configuration. Turns one and two are now a long round corner instead of having a dog leg going into turn two. Clay has been added to give the track higher progressive banking.

Schedule was posted for the warm ups to start at 5:45, track was not ready (Why?). At 6:50 the Modifieds were called up first to warm up, instead of warming up they used the Modifieds for about 20 minutes to work in the track. I can tell you this, the Modified drivers weren’t to happy using $11.00 per gallon gas, to work in the track.

They pulled the 24 Modifieds into the infield and split them up into two groups, each group got 3 laps of warm up , not enough to even get in one smooth lap.

Racing was suppose to start at 7:00, the first heats were called up at about 8:00.

The PA wasn’t working in the pits, they had a person on a golf cart riding around with a mega phone making announcments. The first heats were Hobby Stock, he was announcing “Modifieds to staging” (third set of heats), this had a few Modified drivers scrambling until they got it right.

One thing i will say is, they have the best caution lights i have ever seen at a short track, unfortunatly they had to be used way more than i would of liked as i will explain next.

The first heats were the Hobby Stocks, this is when the “Track” condition became apparent.

The track is wavy, i didn’t notice any bad ruts or holes, but cars look like they are “dolphining” or “bouncing” as they go around the track, they rise up, then bottom out continuously as they go around the track. Most drivers were having a hard time controlling their cars. It took about a half hour to complete the first heat due to cars spinning out, or wrecking.

The Modifieds were the main event, it should of been billed as a DEMOLTION DERBY. I have never seen so many damaged and torn up cars in a 20 lap race.(race was shortened due to time from 25 laps). Due to the condition of the track most guys were out of control, because we know they aren’t going to back off because of the condition of the track. Wayne Hammond was having a good battle for first with Ivedent Lloyd, but while coming down the front straightaway his car was"bouncing" around so much from the dips in the track he went high going into turn one, when his car hit the guardrail it went airborne and took out part of the fence in front of the turn one grandstand, they had to remove the spectators from there for the rest of the night. only about 9-10 cars finished out of 24 who started.

I hope they get the track fixed so that it becomes RACY, it definitely has the potential to be a good track for racing, and it would be nice if the schedule ran on time.

At like 5pm the track looked like a dry, freshly disc’d up cornfield. I have a feeling they did that to be prepared for the rain that was possibly coming, which of course they can’t control. The surface was wavy, the bumps are like rolling little hills. But that’s not the problem with the modifieds. I was in the mini sprint race, and if anyone should be able to blame the surface for problems it’s us - and we didn’t. We didn’t have all that many crashes at all. Most of our yellows were mechanical issues (including mine, I was in the 0 car that lost the RR and piled the turn 3 wall).
The mods are just a crash-happy bunch, both at BRP and at East Bay. I don’t know why that is, but they always have a ton of yellows. And the hobby stocks at BRP are a group that would rather drive into, over, or through the guy ahead than around.

Actually, the track wasn’t too bad. They work the track up and apply a bunch of water to it. They applied, I believe 7 loads of water on Friday and 11 loads on Saturday. With the heat it was being sucked up as soon as they put it down. However, it was worked in or you would have seen dust. You didn’t. I suspect working the track up with the disc like they do may make it a little wavy and that causes some of the bouncing. This week was worse than normal for the modifieds as far as cautions. I can’t remember the last time their race was shortened because time was up. I’ll also clarify that it was Kyle Bronson that was in second place having the battle with Ivedent while it was Hammond further back in the field that went into the fence. Both cars are identical with one having the letter H taped over the B.
I have no idea what happened to the pit PA. I’m sure it will be fixed.
The schedule has been a sore point with many competitors and spectators and I hope it gets addressed soon.
You have noticed the track has changed with much more banking in the corners. Keep coming back because I’ve been told there are more changes planned soon. The track should be racier.
I’m glad to see the track being worked up and lots of water put on. You have several grooves of racing. If they left it alone and only added water to the top, you would have a one lane slicked over track with dust.

Winger,I thought it was Kyle Bronson , but after reading the recap on the BRP website they said it was Wayne Hammond, I will say this about Bronson, after watching him at Volusia three weeks ago, and then again Saturday night, if I owned a Modified, I would do everything i could to put him in the seat, the guy flat drives the hell of the car, he is fun to watch.

I look forward to them getting the track in shape (smoother) because it has great potential with the width, and banking, for some good racing.

Luke81, you are probably right about the Modifieds, maybe it has something to due with the higher horsepower and narrow tires.

I’ll agree about Kyle Bronson. I think that’s why Hammond has him in the other car. Kyle always makes Jeff Mathews earn anything he gets. I’d love to see him in a late model and a sprint. I think he’d be super exciting in a sprint.
I’m going to crawl back in my hole now.
RIP Jack.

Since nobody else did, I want to congratulate Rich Pratt on winning the $1500-to-win feature. Both Lloyd and Hammond were faster, but you first have to finish, to finish first.

Great job buddy…!

P.S. - Also wanted to say it was great seeing Speedweeks Junkie Mike, and Geoff Yoder who is one of the biggest supporters of the annual Modified Reunion.

Saw OSF’s truck, (and also Santa Clause’s), but never did see either one of them.

Fun night at the track for sure!

sorry, Jer

I got your message late and was out of town. I’ll catch you next time!

Rich Pratt got him a win in a modified? That’s awesome. No one drives harder. Congrats, buddy.