Need your help for Jack's Memorial Service if you can.

I am personally putting $100 toward the cost of the hall for the memorial service. I was able to get the facility for half the normal cost using my non-profit foundation to cut cost and taxes etc. and Don the man in charge was very nice and cut event more. I need to raise $750 to make sure there is no costs for the familiy to worry about. If you can help please let me know, It will be very helpful.

I also wanted you to know that any money that is sent in to the foundation with in memory of Jack Smith on it, or brought to the memorial will be totaled an given back to the family to go toward medical and funeral expenses.

I know many have helped with things for Jack, but if we all chip in a little we can get this done. Please contact me and let me know. Thanks very much.

After some wondeful generousity, we are close to covering the costs, can you help ?

Please call me if you can help, I will post when we have reached the amount we need. Thanks so much !