Thanks to some very generous folks, Jack's memorial location cost is covered !

Thanks to some great folks who I do not think did this for name recognition. So I will simply say thanks to those of you who helped cover the costs, you again showed why I have always said the racing folks are some of the best, they always come to the aid of those in the family even when we do not always agree on things.

I am praying a special blessing for each of you who gave from your hearts to help. A reminder any other money that comes in to the foundation will be totaled and given back to the family.

Thank you again, and may God Bless you !

That is absolutely wonderful Rick. We have alot of good people in our racing family. God bless them and you for doing this. Jack, I am sure, is smiling down on everyone who has helped. Hopefully I can make it to the service but it is a distance for me and I have to save my money right now to go to Colorado next week to be with my daughter and grandchildren because they need me right now. But Bless you All for all your kindness to Jack and his family. Thank you.