Blizzard Race at Pensacola

Chase Elliott wins. David Rogers was fourth.

I’m not impressed with Chase Elliot! Very overated!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Youth and enthusiasm, age and treachery take two of the top 4 spots.

Good for both of them!

Does David Rogers have to change motors when he goes over there? I believe the Super motor over here would be illegal at 5 flags. Maybe I’m wrong.

They have accomodations for the fl spec motor, not sure if he runs one there tho.


Now that’s funny right there. Sliced bread anyone ?:aetsch013:

can run 390 carb on spec at pensacola but david runs a different car with a 9-1 at pensacola

Rusty, any idea what he is doing different this year? He is much more competitive, glad to see it.