Old photos and Information

I’m looking for any information or photos from an old Track in fla called COLLIER COUNTY SPEEDWAY from the mid to late 70’s to mid 80’s when they closed. Any help is appreciated.

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This is probably the least talked about track in Florida. Never knew much about it (other than Billy Bigley started there, and Tim Corcoran won some races there), and would love to learn much more about it.

If you find some cool stuff, re-direct it to here…!

My uncle use to race there. Jerry Adema. I remember as a kid seeing Bill bigley sr and Jr. Juan Ortega. Mark and Doug henry. Rusty hillman. Tim Corcoran. The dufresne. Leonard chesser. Many more that I can’t think of right now but it will come to me. My grandfather cornelious Adema passed away one night there at the track. That was one of the last years the track was ran not sure of the year but I will look it up.

Enjoyed racing there many times,great fun group to race with,was a 1hr and 57min. tow from my house across the trail.

Was that the track that was right behind the old swamp buggy track? I was there in 76 or 77 to a swamp buggy race and they had a Kenny Rodgers consert there.

Old Pics

These are the ones i have of my dad Bobby Conley

Old pics

My dad (Bobby Conley) race their with a group of friends, like :Garlon Cagle,Billie Ratliff,Chuck Riesnider,Horase Rowe and so others. i probaly spelled those names wrong,lol

The name of one guy I pitted next too at Naples a few times was Wompiss Wallmacker,yupp, it was his real name he said,great scents of hummer.:ernaehrung004:

Collier County Speedway----------

(aka) Gator Motor Seedway–Naples Raceway)—

1/4 mile asphalt oval that race on Friday nights.

Built in 1954, ran until 1956. After the down years, re-opened in 1961, and ran up to 1968. More down years, until 1971–big time ran until 1985, a long streak, you betcha.

Sportman, late models convertables, early models, mini-stocks, and street stock demos.

Located on Radio Road, on the north side, just 2 miles outside of Naples, just a stones throw away from the local airport. I have aerial photes of it now.

Known promoters were Dennis Bittner, George Tagliaris, Billy Bigly, SR, Bill Grant, and Harvey McCormick.

It is still there now, Possably a junk-yard/industrial yard and trees.

–re, florida motorsports retrospective, eddie roche.

From Dave Westerman’s…Florida’s Racing History

Gatormotorspeedwayresize Naples 1972.jpg

look at floridaracingmemorys.com the click what’s new and then click dec. 2010 look at turners pics

Track is long gone and it’s a industrial park now.
Got bit by the racing bug there in the mid 70’s !!!

Hey they still have the World famouse mile of mud in Collier County

Not at Naples (Collier County), but here’s Jerry Adema at another long-gone Florida race track, Palm Beach Fairgrounds. This was for the Orange Blossom 100:

By the way, that’s 8-year-old me hangin’ on the fence in the Green Bay #44 jersey…LOL…

Wow that brings back memories for me as well. Jerry Adema , Johnny Blakely, Larry Huffman, … ON and on …I remember there was no wall on the back stretch or in the corners. Cars would leave the track all the time. Great memories for sure…