sbc 406

have block and pistond and rods.flat tops 5.7 rods and a 400 block 0.030
300.00 need to sell asap

any trades?

sure what do you have a i need a good sbc bottom end or i will trade for a 4340 steel crank for a 400

I got a 4340 3.48 stroke cast crank, Eagle 5.7 I-beam rods, .030 dome pistons with new hastings moly rings

also pistons are press fit wrist pins

let me call my builder real quick and see if we could use this.

no thanks have no use for it. i also have a scat 9000 series crank but needs to be machined it is 4months old and i had it balanced that will go with deal

ttt anybody?

i’ll give you 150

i wouldnt sell the block for that no thanks ill scrap before id do that lol

what u sitting on gold

[QUOTE=Cw1228;84557]what u sitting on gold[/QUOTE]no its plated. but show me where you can get a almost complete 406 for 300.00

also have a set of 194 heads minus studs ill throw in if someone wants them

406 Block

Still Have It Call Me At 352-484-6978 Iam Rick Will Pick Up Tomarrow