Sponsors, Lap Money, Bonus Money and awards needed to Pro-Truck Triple Crown !

We are looking for sponsors for the Pro-Truck Triple Crown. We need them for the individual races at each track and can also put on the Championship points at series end as well.

Triple Crown Series Name Sponsor (for final Payout for points ) $1,000

You can be name sponsor on a 50 Lap truck race for $750.00 your money will be added to the payout. We need one for each track.

You can place bonus money on finishing position of your choice !

We need award Sponsors like Fast qualifier, halfway leader and hard charger awards for $100 each or what you want to do !

Lap money we will sell laps for each race for just $20 each. That money will be added to the purse through out not just for lap leaders.

If you can help please contact me 407-497-0448 or rbmini68@aol.com.

Please let others know in the area of your track, so we can make this thing a great event.

We need contingencies for the rookie trucks, there os no pay out money, but we can give out gift cards, certificates etc. If you can help with that. There will be a champions trophy and shirt for them as well.

This can be fun and affordable for people to sponsor, so please let me know !!

Thanks !

Can you be a part !

Please call me we have one so far that has stepped up for Desoto award or bonus. Let me know. Thanks !!!